Kingmaker – character concept

We are doing the Paizo Kingmaker campaign. I will be running a rogue/wizard->arcane trickster. We needed a rogue, natch, but it’s not really an urban adventure, and I like casters. Elf, of course, for crunch. Wizard for variety. The “bonded item” obviates the need to make a scroll or two of every fricking spell you have. On that rare occasion you need a Rope Trick or Floating Disk, you can do it – so fill the book with fun utility spells you will (almost) never need.

For fluff, I wanted something other than the usual “rogue who takes a couple levels of wizard”, so I took the opposite tack. The character was written male, but the only suitable mini was female, so Seldon is now Selrynn. The rest stays the same – elves are pretty androgynous anyway.

Seldrynn Verdant was in the lockup for the third time. A bit of fun, a bit of high spirits, but humans could be just so serious and dull about such things – you’d think they were dwarves, half the time. Well, perhaps it was not all fun and games. A few minutes more and she would have had time to copy down some serious magic – not just the pap they give you to learn at the “academy” (a grand title for three old humans and a gaggle of annuals). Still, it was far, far better here than back at home with the families in Kyonin.

Footsteps approaching. Was that … yes Benson. Unmistakable. Seldrynn breathed a sigh of relief. A human of course (not a lot of elves will work in service, but servants are an absolute necessity in town) – and thoroughly predictable. Time to be bailed out again. But who was that other one accompanying him? Well, she’d find out soon enough.

Key jangling in the lock.

Oh dear. Benson and master Bates of the academy. This was bad news.

“Miss Verdant, or perhaps I should say “Switch” – you will kindly read these.”

Two messages. One from father, one from mother. This looked serious – not least because of what their being here so promptly implied.


I am gravely disappointed that it has come to this. It has been obvious for many years that you would never master the true magic, but I had hoped that receiving instruction in “spellcasting” would direct your attentions – fleeting as they may be – in a constructive manner. Such has not been the case. Your behaviour has been astonishing, and your choice of companions incomprehensible – gallivanting about on rooftops, “tagging” public buildings. Your tutors tell me that you haven’t even the patience for human magics, and have been caught breaking into libraries without a thought for either the laws of the town or the real dangers of the magic you are tampering with.

I shall waste no more ink warning you about magic again – seasons know, I have wasted enough breath. But beyond that, your actions are beginning to have ramifications. There are so few of us in Brevoy that everyone needs to behave well, and in particular to not create the impression that we are a pack of vandals. The families won’t have it, and I won’t have it. I regret this, but I have no choices left.

The swordlords of Rostov have issued charters for the settlement of the “stolen lands” to the south. Expeditions are being sent to deal with the bandits and reopen the trade routes, and you shall be in one of them. I hope that your studies may be of some use to you. Go to Rostov. Acquit yourself well. In the meantime, it might be best to avoid using the family name and to turn the stone in your ring. Since you were so keen to scrawl the name “Switch” on nearly every building in town, perhaps you might use that. Perhaps you might also develop a little common sense.
Variel Verdant

A shock, a real shock. Seldrynn rereads the letter, but the message is the same. Formal exile! Exile, for some harmless fun! Then again, they say that there are ruins down south, and places where the barrier between this and the First World is thin. This … this could be good.

The second letter is from mother:

Your father is heartbroken, but he is right. You haven’t the common sense of a flea, and next time they’ll hang you for attempted theft – it doesn’t matter that you would never do such a thing – and what will become of us all then? I’m sure that the frontier is the right place for you, your father thinks you will do very well. You will even be a little closer to home, which will be nice.

Remember to write – use your seal for that, to be sure the message reaches us. But it might be best to conceal it at other times. The family wishes you all the best, and sends their love.

Selrynn finishes reading, and master Bates puffs himself up with unwarranted self-importance. “Miss Verdant, you are discharged from the academy. Your belongings have been moved to The Green Crane, and you are booked on the Rostov caravan to depart at dawn tomorrow. I deeply regret that The Academy could not be of better service to your family.”

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