Persian Chain

Well, this persian chain stuff is coming on a lot more slowly. My chain shirt took 3 weeks – this will take at least a couple of months, partly because I am not as hell-bent to get it done. As you can see I have not gotten far. I wanted to do a full hauberk but … frankly I don’t think I’ll get there. On the other hand, there’s still the rest of winter to go yet, and September can be pretty miserable too.

I attempted to get some of the soldering done quickly by weaving a few rows and then doing them all at once, but it was a disaster. The weave is so tight that the solder gets everywhere, so after it cooled I had to pick apart links that had been glued together, leaving rough spots. Because so much of the pice was hot fo so long, it burnt through to my work table leaving black carbon sort of baked into the finish of one side of the maille. You can see it towards the bottom of the piece I have in my right (your left) in the photo. The reverse side is worse.

I have put some more newspaper on my work table, so now there are layers of burnt newspaper and chipboard and sticky, mildly poisonous zinc chloride. But I have managed to keep it off the floor, which is a mercy. Maybe I should put a mat down. I have a sort of persian carpet one, but I attempted to use it to catch the sparks from the angle grinding, and being a cheap synthetic fake carpet print it kind of melted.

I need to get myself a new section of pipe for a mandrel. The angle grinding has cut a slot into the pipe I am using now, which is ok, but that slot has widened to the point that the links have a flat spot on them when I wind them. On the bright side, I finally put some feet on the board so that it sits down properly without pivoting on the bolts protruding out beneath it. Also, the lighter weight of this wire means I can go with a shorter handle, so winding is much quicker.

Although I would like to join the sheets together as you see here, the asymmetry of the weave makes it not look good when you do. But if I do the whole garment in one diretion, then the result will have a diagonal orientation.

Finally – I was getting the wire from a large hardware warehouse store for about $40 AUD for a 40-meter roll. In a metal supply store, the same roll was $17. A 160m roll was $50. So, it just goes to show.

Going through quite a bit of material – baker’s fluid and solder. A lot of trouble wetting the wire sometimes. Since the metalworking solder has an acid core, I wonder if a dip in dilute HCl might be the go? Not for me – for the links, doh.

Mmmm, chemicals!


One Response to Persian Chain

  1. Robyn says:

    Impressive. So you don’t want the Lord of the Rings’ style one? Based on PVC, or some related plastic?

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