Guild of the Golden Scorpion

A short engagement today. Our patron has resumed his archaeological efforts. His offsider – Sanjay – directed us to investigate a certain hole in the ground. We were to recover something or other, but Sanjay was unable to tell us what the object might be, saving that it was “shiny”.

Well enough. As we approached the entrance, a few undead emerged from the ground: skeletons and something more dangerous. We dispatched them without great difficulty and – importantly – without Sanjay getting killed.

The hole proved to be some 20 or so foot deep. Not a bottomless pit, but not an easy leap either. At the bottom was a largish worked chamber with water of unknown depth in depressions in the floor.

We were addressed by some sort of spirit or ghost, who asked us to “free us”. It faded away without telling us any more, and more undead attacked us – skeletons, a “wight” (whatever that might be), and something summoned by the wight – a ghost or some kind of shade.

We fought the creatures. We still do not fight as a unit, and rely on individual battle prowess. Nevertheless, after a more difficult battle we defeated these.

As the shade dissolved, something rose from the central water-filled pit: some sort of primal creature of wind and lightning.

I had just the mini for it at home, but did not bring it this week

This thing proved most dangerous, and as we fought the chamber began to fill with water, becoming chest deep after less than a minute. There were calls to escape out the shaft to the surface, but the water did not completely fill the chamber and began to drain away – I think as we began to prevail against the creature.

After defeating this final beast, we recovered a necklace of unknown power. which – as per the terms of our contract – we surrendered to Sanjay. He paid us each a welcome and generous bounty for the item’s recovery. After a short discussion, we decided that these moneys were not contract income and need not be split with the guild. In any case: the treasury is in good shape at present, so it is less of an issue.

The spirit did not address us again. I hope that she has found peace.

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