Damn, I’ve left this too long. I only half-remember last week’s game. I’ll do the best I can.


It’s ok, I am alive. And a little drunk, to tell the truth, but save enough here at the trading post. I’ll continue from where I left off.

We scouted the bandits and found a lookout post up in the trees with some archers. So we decided that Rainor and I would attack that as a distraction or something, and then the rest of us would attack. Well, to cut a long story short we attacked it, and they raised the alarm, and then I think everyone else attacked the main camp but I don’t know much about what wen on there. We (Rainor and I) basically tried to hide in the trees and take shots at the archers in the lookout. At one point I created a little audible figment – some other archers in some greenery where we wern’t – and that distracted one of them. I also used that little blinding flash thing, which worked rather well. But essentially all that happened was we shot them, they shot us, and eventually we killed them first. It’s all rather nasty and horrible really.

After the archers in the lookout were dead, we came out into the open and shot a few of the bandits on the other side of the creek, which I hope helped out the rest of our party a bit. But I think they were doing fine.

Anyway, we questioned a couple of prisoners. The leader was (is) a nasty bit of work, but our paladin insists that all bandits must be given a chance to repent. Our stick fighter added her to his little army, and maintained that that’s repentance enough. I think we should have just hanged them, but really I don’t care all that much. He kept scacles on her though, which was sensible. The other survivor we let go, with a letter for Oleg explaining that we let him go. He took to his heels, I can tell you.

The really interesting thing is that these bandits are actually working for someone called “The Stag Lord”, or someone. Seems to me that if this stag lord rules these lands, then the swordmasters of Restov are not really pacifying some wild uninhabited land, but are in fact engaging in a war to annexe someone else’s territory. But what do I know about politics?

What I was mainly interested in was in transporting the loot. If we have gone to the trouble of “dispersing” this band of “bandits”, then leaving the loot lying about the place was just a waste. The prisoner told us that the wagon came regularly, that there was a password, and a few other items about this stag lord. I insisted that we had to get this wagon to transport back the loot, so that’s what we did. We set up our ambush in open grassland to the south, cunningly deploying a mounted halberdeer that could be seen for miles in any direction.

It was a quick fight. I got in close and Color Sprayed the horse and its drivers, and they were out for the count. While it was down, I hobbled it. Everyone else was busy fighting, but someone has to keep an eye on business. Not much else happened. We took the cart back to the bandit camp, loaded the loot onto it, and headed back to Olegs.

Well! He’s doing well for himself! The post is aive of activity. There was some nonsense at the gate from the new guards, but dealt with fairly quickly. Some of the loot was some very, very nice liquor destined for the Stag Lord. We gave it to Oleg in exchange for – I don’t know – him agreeing to think we are fine and trustworthy people. I snagged a bottle of it, and that accounts for the state in which I write this.

But there was other loot, furs and some gold. We have sold the sellable goods to Oleg (no doubt at a ruinous discount) and ordered in some supplies from civilisation. I have ordered a [magic item of some sort] and looking forward to getting it.

Haven’t disgraced the name of elvenkind so far, if anyone cares.

Till next time,
Your sister in exile,

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