What’s that word for “allies that you’d rather not have, but it’s marginally better to have them as allies than as enemies”? Well, we made some of those. I think.

Oleg had put up some posters for jobs back at his fort thingy. There are a few of them, but one of them was that they wanted to stop the kobold raids. Either way of doing it is fine. Seeing as we had already made sort-of peaceful contact with the kobolds, we opted for “Plan B”, as the humans say.

We went back to the Kobolds at the turnip patch and told them that we wanted to be allies asked them for an introduction to their chief. Unfortunately, the only one that speaks draconic is me, and I’m not much of a talker. We found out that their main issue was they were at war with the “mites”, whose description matched the description on one of the other posters at Oleg’s. Some of these things had stolen his wife’s wedding ring. So we were looking at a two-for-one: pacification of the kobolds, and recovery of a wedding ring.

Despite my awful attepts at diplomacy, they agreed – we’d meet in a few days at a particular location to the southeast.

We made our way to the nominated area, exploring as we did so. We killed an Owlbear and were roasting it when the Kobold chief arrived. The diplomacy went – well, not all that well really. My fault again (you know, we never even thought to see if anyone of them knew common – if anyone else had been negotiating, it would have gone much better). But they told us that the “mites” were laired in a tree nearby. We said we’d take care of them in return for … well, I’m not sure what, really. People were talking at cross purposes and I’m not the best translator in the world.

Well, the lair was a tight squeeze – ceiling about four foot or so high. There were mites, and there was this chasm (well – long pit) in the ground with a rope bridge. I used an animate rope scroll to sort of repair it, but it was still quite fragile – mite sized in fact – so we sent the little witch across trailing a stronger rope.

Anyway, there was this enormous giant centipede in the pit – they are poisonous, you know – and it bit her, and we fought it but it was very tough. We continued, and there were more mites but we cleared the lair out eventually. We recovered a little loot, and an interesting document that seemed to indicate that the kobolds had the wedding ring. I wonder – did the kobolds raid the mites, or were they co-operating and splitting the loot?

Anyway. [memory hazy – are we back at Oleg’s yet in-game?] we told the Kobolds that the ring was Oleg’s wife’s, and that the Kobold chief could return it to cement the new era of friendship and cooperation. It will be *days* before those of us bitten by the centipede recover, so I might take the time to do up a couple more scrolls. Might do some mail-order shopping, too.

Your Sister-in-exile,

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