Guild of the Golden Scorpion

I was off last week with family, so this account skips a week of play.

I have not been keeping this journal as up-to-date as I should, and the events of more than a few days ago are not worth detailing. Suffice to say: we have a commission to enter a certain ruin and retrieve some books. Accompanying us are a brace of dwarves, one being the engineer from Passage who, despite events, had become much inspired to take up the adventuring life. They had been to this ruin before and will recognise these books.

The ruin is open to the sky. Entering it, we were assailed by skeletons – one or two ordinary ones (how strange, to call an animated skeleton “ordinary”!) and ones filled with fire, which they would collect into a ball of flame and hurl. There was also a skeletal hound which radiated an aura of palpable evil. The fight was difficult, but none of us fell. We could only hope, however, that the foes further in would not be more difficult.

Such was not to be the case.

Jamie quickly nerfed this encounter, or else we would have had fatalities. Each pillar was supposed to be close blast 3. Instead, he had one blast which only hit the area between the pillars.

Towards the back of the structure was a room with four pillars. When we advanced towards it, it fired a blast of fire at us doing considerable harm. But this was not the greatest peril, for the area was inhabited by a spirit which possessed one of us and compelled him to stand in the middle of the four pillars. For some reason, the blasts from that point on did not target outside the inner area, and without that compulsion we could simply have ignored the area altogether. As it was, some of us tried to attack the spirit, which we could do when the person it possessed managed to free themselves of it’s malign influence, some of us attempted to deal with the pillars.

It transpired that the pillars were not magical, but mechanical. Still, none of us knows much of such things saving our wizard. She dealt with the pillars, while those of us not at battle inside the square assisted as best we could. The spirit, defeated, seemed to flee to a stone throne positioned at the end of the chamber, and I and another tore it apart in an attempt to find some sort of lever to deactivate the pillars.

Eventually, when our wizard had our wizard disabled two of the three functioning pillars (the fourth was rubble), we found behind the throne was a body, a corpse never given its proper last rites. We decided that no doubt the spirit that haunted this place was tied here somehow byt this body, and so we opted to cremate it. The spirit departed, and some of us maintain that they saw it ascend. But I believe it not – if indeed it lured others here to die in the trap that slew it, then that was an evil thing to do.

In any case, the last pillar disabled, we took stock. In the corner of the room lies a trapdoor, and our quest takes us below. Tomorrow. We will set up camp at some little distance and face whatever dangers lie below freshly rested and prepared.


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