It’s been a busy week or so. We have been exploring the area, as doing this is part of our mission here and also because we don’t feel quite up to dealing with this “Stag Lord” person. There’s also the fact that there are other bounties to collect, now that the Kobolds are pacified.

We recovered some sort of idol thingy in the mite lair and intended to trade it with the kobolds for Hilda’s (?) wedding ring. We arranged a meeting. we had a couple of days and did some exploring, uncovering a cache of loot and a very nice spellbook.

At the meeting the chief, who we had met before, was there and also a shaman/priest thingy. Negotiations were off to a tricky start – the shaman spoke common, but the chief did not – so it was all at cross purposes. Our paladin was very sure that the shaman was “a bad egg”, as he put it. And pandemonium broke out when we dragged out the idol – both the chief and the shaman insisting we give it to them, while all the other kobolds cowered.

Well, we went with the paladin’s feelings on the matter and gave the idol to the chief, who immediately smashed it. A fight broke out, of course, and since we had made our decision we decided not to hold back – stacks on the shaman. He went invisible and tried to sneak away, but the paladin could sense roughly where he was. We all attacked – including the chief – and killed him. The chief cut his head off and displayed it to much rejoicing from the other kobolds. “There shall be trade, there shall be peace!”, he declared, which was very gratifying. Wise, too, because we would certainly have had to wipe them out otherwise. Not an idiot, that chief.

Turns out that most of the bad will between the kobolds and the humans was down to the shaman. And: it turns out he was an arcane caster, a wizard! His spellbook holds a few spells beyond my ability to cast – cause fear, illusions, the sort of thing you’d rely on to cow a kobold tribe. I transcribed Major Image and Minor image, and some others – a very nice find. My spellbook is not full yet, but it’s beginning to look respectable. I’m not studying magic as much as I should – spending too much time working out what to do with this dagger. But I’ll get there, even if the greater magics remain beyond me.

The kobolds were very, very grateful and showered loot on us. We took a delgation back to Oleg’s to normalize relations, and they’ll sort out a trade language eventually.

This week we had a couple of players away, so we decided to explore some hexes on the overland map.

There were a couple of bounties – one for a particularly large boar, and one for the capture of some sort of fabulous beast – which would probably be somewhere near a river in woodland. So we systematically searched the woods to the southwest of Oleg’s , particularly around the rivers, and eventually found what was unmistakably a pig run.

We set some traps and retreated to some distance away. Our witch girl left her familiar in a tree as a sentry. That afternoon, we were alerted – the boar had come home and was not at all happy about the traps, which had done very, very little but upset him. We approached the lair, but the fight was over very quickly. Our halberdieer set his spear and the boar charged, impaling itself, and then the paladin rode by and lanced it. It was quite quick and humane.

Still looking or that worm thing or whatever it is. I’ll post this when we return to Oleg’s.

Your sister-in exile,

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