Proving Grounds – “Requiem” (Matt)

This week’s game did not proceed, owing to most of the players being too soft to turn up. Still, it meant I finally got around to building my striker – a “Brutal Scoundrel” half-orc rogue named Scrag.

Scrag is not a nice man, and has for many years now made a living killing things. Monsters? Yeah, sure. And also people. But he is unaligned and so does have a few standards: no use of indiscriminate methods – arson, poisoning the wells – that sort of thing. No kids. No civilians.

Of course, “civilian”is interpreted narrowly. Man carrying a club to protect himself and family: civilian. Man carrying club because someone is paying him to do it: Not a civilian. Honest businessman: civilian. Honest businessman who borrows money from the mob and thinks he doesn’t have to pay it back: not a civilian. Member of the aristocracy, anyone with voting rights in the chamber of commerce, anyone rich enough to have bodyguards: not a civilian either.

Mechanically, Scrag is simply a striker who does melee damage. Since we know we are going to hell (or something like it), he has equipped himself with a +6 radiant dagger – a 30th level item. He is wearing Counterstrike leather armour +6 (30th level), and Boots of Telepotation (28th level). The rest of his items (up to the value of a single 29th level item) are get-out-of-trouble-free buffs, movement stuff, and general buffs: armbands of power, trickster’s mask, couple of potions.

I bought a blesing from Sehanie – the Mark of the Dark Moon: “If a creature cannot see you, you take half damage (etc)”. Combine this with the Hide in Plain Sight encounter power: “you must be hidden to use this power – you go invisible and stay invisible untl you leave your current space. No other action that you perform makes you visible.”

Ok. Stealth has been completely errataed due to the PHB being ambiguous. The rules seem to be:

At the end of a move action, you do stealth vs passive perception (reduces the amount of die rolling). You need to have superior cover or total concelament or be outside the enemy’s line of sight. An enemy can also make an active perception check to try to see you as a minor action (errata).

Once you are hidden, you can stay hidden with partial cover or concealment. You cannot use another creature as cover.

If you take an action that causes you not to remain hidden, you retain the benefits of being hidden until you resolve the action. You cannot become hidden as part of that same action.

Ok, so if you break cover, then at the end of the move action you are no longer hidden. You can’t make a stealth check as part of that move, although you can always take another move and do so.

Now: Scrag’s use of stealth is changed by various at-will powers.

First: Fleeting Ghost. “Effect: You can move your speed and make a Stealth check. You do not take the normal penalty from movement on this check.”. This seems to indicated that you can make a stealth check without having to end your move in a square that provides cover/concealment, and also seems to indicate that you can do so even if you break cover as part of that move. It’s a power, not a regular move. This … reading of the power seems altogether broken, I think I’ll ask Wizards.

Next: Shadow Stride. “Effect: You must be hidden to use this power. You can move your speed and must end your movement in a space where you can remain hidden. Then make a Stealth check with no penalty for moving. If the check succeeds, you remain hidden during the movement, even if you have no cover or concealment during it.”

Now … that seems to contradict “you retain the benefits of being hidden until you resolve the action”. Doesn’t that mean that you ordinarily remain hidden?

Anyway. This next one’s a doozy: Chameleon “Trigger: You are hidden and lose cover or concealment against an enemy. Effect: Make a Stealth check. You remain hidden from the triggering enemy if your check beats its passive Perception check. Until the end of your next turn, you can remain hidden without needing any cover or concealment.”

So it seems that you can hide, sneak right up next to an enemy, and stay hidden for so long as you can beet its passive perception. Gravy!

But I do need to ask Wizards about Fleeting Ghost.


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