We all know how rapidly these annuals move, but I am discovering that I am not nearly as used to it as I thought. You know these “swordlords” decided to send out some parties to pacify the “Stolen Lands”, yes? Well, aparrently they have decided that they also have the authority to found independent kingdoms there, or should I say here, and guess who gets to be kings?

Quite the turnabout. In any event, I am enclosing a letter addressed to father and the council. It’s rather important – by all means read it, and if father won’t, then have mother make him.

Yay! The map of Fort Thundertusk is at our fledgling kingmaker site. Unless someone else wants to do the web thing.

Variel Verdant and the Council of Families,

An unusual sequence of events has occurred here in the so-called “Stolen Lands” to the south of Brevoy, and a very unusual opportunity presents itself to the council.

As you are aware, the Swordlords of Restov have taken it upon themselves to pacify the lands around Thundertusk Lake [insert elvish name here 🙂 ], sending parties to address the general lawlessness and banditry to their south. They have decided as an ongoing solution to found a new nation, nominally independent of Brevoy.

While I am not certain as to how such a thing might be possible in the legal sense, nevertheless they seem committed to the process. Preposterous as it may seem to create a nation out of thin air in such a manner, humans and others from Brevoy and elsewhere will indeed settle these lands over the coming years, will build farms and roads, and levy armies of themselves, and establish the various apparatuses of state. They will establish “facts on the ground” as they call it, and concern themselves with legal niceties later.

A charter to rule and administer this new as yet unnamed nation has been granted to the group which dealt with the worst of the organised banditry, the group of which I am a part. Our group, however, will be spending much of our time over the next few moths and probably years surveying these lands and rooting out bandits, savage races [elvish ‘hraka’ = ‘turds’] and monsters. We will have to appoint administrators. Simply put: we will be establishing a court.

Of course, the swordlords will be keen to pack this court with persons sympathetic to their own aims. However, I am sure that as a co-holder of the swordlord’s charter I will have at least some say in the process.

I therefore petition the council to propose a few people able and willing to assist with administration. At the very least we will need a court magister whose duties will no doubt mainly involve predicting weather and eclipses (there are rumours of fey in these lands, which could also become a problem). I am sure that everyone can be easily persuaded that one of our people is best for such a job. I am sure also that someone able to give advice on history, law, commerce and such matters would be appreciated – although I have no doubt the Swordlords are also lining up someone for the role.

Any of the people wishing to settle or set up shop in this new kingdom will be welcome. There are obvious long-term benefits to making ourselves more of a presence here in these lands between our ancestral lands and the human lands to the north. However, these lands are still wild and dangerous, and anyone wishing to settle here must appreciate the very real risks in so doing.

Finally, I cannot stress enough how quickly these events are moving. Humans do not take decades to organise such things. We have already been petitioned by multiple groups looking to “stake out a claim” in these lands which we have not even fully surveyed. The swordlords are already extending and widening the southward road from Restov to the currently ruined fort on lake Thundertusk which we have nominated as the site for our capital. The people and the council must move quickly, within the year – within the season if possible – or risk having yet another entirely foreign human kingdom encroaching towards our lands.

With respect,
Selrynn Verdant.


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