Arrgh! I’ve left it too long to write this, so I kinda forget what happened. Also, it seems our campaign map was one hex off, so there’s a whole strip to the west we haven’t explored. Oh well.


It’s been a bit of a whirl this past month or so. We came back from Restov exploring the easternmost extent of the grasslands. More or less. On our way was that “cursed bridge” that the Sootscales told us about, and we decided to deal with it. It turned out to be very haunted indeed, by the spirit of a human warrior who had a particular animus against The Stag Lord.

Ghosts tend to be a bit monomaniacal. Explaining that the Stag Lord was dead was no use – Rainor wears the helm we took as loot from him, and this ghost was convinced. We had to battle the poor misguided thing. It inhabited the river, and I had a chance to use one of my new spells: Levitation. It wouldn’t do, after all, for His Lordship to sink into the water in full armour. We fought it, we defeated it, we recovered the corpse and his spear, which we have sent back to the barracks at Restov. He was a brave and determined man, I think. I hope his memory is honoured by his people.

Oh, we also found some boars. And met some wolves, who told us they had been run out of home by some sort of giant man and giant dog (translation is not exact). We left them alone, which I approve of (the wolves, not the boars), and headed back to the castle. The town hall was complete, and all seems to be humming along smoothly. After a week or so (reports, paperwork, having people “gakked” for sedition – the usual). Then we decided it was really time to start dealing with Rainor’s vision quest.

Down on the western side of the tuskwater, we found an old witch who had set up a hut. There was a bit of a misunderstanding with the alarm system, but we smoothed it over. Hopefully, she’ll integrate nicely. I might ask her for some advice, actually – I want to make a forest cloak of my own, and anyone that can craft constructs ought to be able to do that. [Craft Wondrous Item is a pre-req for Craft Construct]. She gave us some advice, and some information about the lay of the land.

Next day, we headed south to The Mere.

We saw the tower (from Rainor’s vision-quest thing) on the island in the middle. But how to get to the island? We didn’t have a boat or anything. And what to do about the goblins on the south shore? A plan immediately suggested itself. We would kill the goblins, and take their boat.

We set up camp. Long story short, the northern shore was inhabited by a troll and his tolldog. You know the ones? Dogs that eat trollmeat can undergo a transformation. A tough fight. I used another new spell – Scorching Ray – and missed. A little embarrasing. be that as it may, we all pitched in and dragged the troll and his hound into the campfire.

(I used another new spell – Create Treasure Map, and now we have a lovely trollhide X-marks-the-spot map of … well, we don’t know. Could be something good, could be just something that trolls regard as “treasure”.)

We’ll deal with the tower, and see if we can’t get Rainor a step along on his personal journey of discovery.

Oh – one final thing. I am hearing rumors of a goblin army to the south. Don’t know what “army” means, exactly, but things could get lively soon.

Your sister-in-exile,


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