Nothing much to tell, this month. We explored more of the borders of our kingdom, and finally pushed the road through all the way to Oleg’s in the north, joining the main trade road. Yay! We have gone from “middle of the wilderness” to “backwater”. And Oleg has made it from “trader” to “mayor”.

We dealt with that goblin incursion. His Baronship decided to run forward into battle (with magical haste) and get himself surrounded, and then criticised me for not being able to run in and help until I’d cast a few enchantments. Half a mile away, surrounded by a small army, and I’m supposed to dive in without some basic protectives. All I ask is thirty seconds, but no it’s out of the question – there’s no point my doing anything until I have some way to hide myself in broad daylight, and until I’ve magically improved my bow. What’s more, the goblins were in tall grass, so it was a bit of a hit-or-miss business shooting them. Their bard wasn’t, though – he was riding a Boar, majestic as you please sitting on top of it, so I incinerated him. At least that way there was a better than even chance of my not wasting the spell.

Anyway. The battle was not going all that well – we would have prevailed eventually – but not well. Not a convincing win. Morgana used a Glitterdust spell and it worked wonderfully, but there were just rather too many goblins to kill when you have to do it one at a time. I’d love to be able to do a fireball, but I’m not really spending all my attention on magic – I’m spending effort on stealth and fieldcraft. There must be some way to combine the two, I feel it. I’ve been experimenting. [One more level of Rogue, and Switch will qualify for Arcane Trickster. I hope it’s worth it – a low-level multiclassed character s even worse than a low-level monk.]

Then kobolds showed up and that was that. We gave them the goblin’s equipment as loot (rather a lot, in retrospect). In return, they gave us some extra food production which was just as well as rats had gotten into the stores. I think it’s good that the garrison troops (all four of them) saw the kobolds in action. Oh – that reminds me – we’ll have to put up some signs on the highway explaining that the kobolds are staff and not to be killed.

Oh! That’s right – the goblins were working for one of the other groups sent out by Restov. Seems our little barony already has enemies.

What else? We scouted the boundary of – well, not our kingdom yet, but probably as far as we are looking at expanding. We ran into a trio of Griggs, so I had a chance to practise my Sylvan. It’s drawing near time when we just have to grasp the nettle and venture further south. The land is wilder down there and more dangerous. Actually, we are all a bit frightened. But it has to be done.

Your sister-in-exile,

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