Kingmaker – commies and magic mushrooms


We got commies! Commies, I tells ya!

Well, we did have. At our end of year celebrations, we had a number of bards around and one of them was stirring up the people – saying that we were purloining the treasury, which is ridiculous as a) we haven’t and b) it’s ours. Never mind that all the money goes to public works.

We spied on him, and with a little divination determined – as we suspected – that he was working for someone. So we arrested him: he was a spy, after all. We held him overnight (mainly so we could prepare some spells) and our guards are useless – he charmed the lot of them. He nearly escaped, but I had the foresight to place an alarm spell on the exit from the dungeon (I suppose that’s what you have to call it. It’s rather humane, as dungeons go.)

Well, he was in the taproom, which well – it’s a bad look, you know? On account of him being a prisoner? He tried to give us the slip, so we caught him and beat him up. When I say we – I mean the baron and Rainor. And by “caught him and beat him up”, I mean we gave him every opportunity to quietly go back to his cell, but nothing doing.

Next morning we winkled out of him (with a Detect Thoughts) who he was working for. And we banished him and had the sootscales escort him to the northern border. No good deed goes unpunished, of course, so I’m sure we will have cause to regret not killing him (remember: he was a spy and saboteur of a foreign power) – but it’s just not how we roll. I hope he remembers the mercy and forgives the beating, but the man stuck me as a horrible little coward, so most likely not.

We finally chased up that map that I made out of the troll hide. It led to a swamp with some extremely interesting mushrooms. Which was guarded by an extremely interesting guardian. A treant of some sort – some kind of plant crature, anyway. I dropped a couple of Scorching Rays into it, which will do for most things made out of wood. Then we began to search for the troll’s treasure. We didn’t notice that the tree thing was regrowing. It attacked us a second time, and paralysed his lordship. I was out of spells, and it was not looking good – all I could do was pop arrows into the thing, and it wans’t accomplishing much. But Morgana cursed it, and it spent the next the next several seconds doing nothing – long enough for Jope to recover. Once recovered, he made short work of it.

We burned it with some alchemical fire (it would have been good to have remembered earlier that Rainor was carrying some), and resumed searching. Eventually we decided that the mushrooms themselves were the trolls treasure (the map indicated where, not what). I hope they are worth it – we’ll se what our potioneer makes of them.

As for the unrest formented by the bard, it took a month or two to calm things down. We built some housing, and – ahem – dealt with the worst of the discontented elements. The kingdom is growing, and getting harder to manage. We are saving our pennies for the next big project: a Cathederal for Erastil. A variety of benefits will be had, although it will gut our treasury. And we were doing so well there for a while.

Stay well. My best to the family.
Your sister-in-exile,


One Response to Kingmaker – commies and magic mushrooms

  1. BrettW says:

    Nice! Good to see Cyborg Rainor got to see some action, and the spy wasn’t tortured. Rainor would be quite pleased about the Cathedral to Erastil.

    As a reminder, I always have a bunch of alchemist’s fire, plus I have two stones each of thunderstone and anti-thunderstone. I am Mr Ranged Attack, after all.

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