Fun with anti-semitism

So, I was watching a Seinfeld ad.

For Australians who don’t get it – lord knows, it took me ages to work it out – Seinfeld is about New York jewry. A whole bunch of the humour is cultural references. Seems a swag of european jewry emigrated to America last century, and kind of stayed in the first town they came to. Not so many came here, which is why we can miss it.

Anyway. Those guys are white. Look at ’em! Lilly-white, the lot of ’em.

Which raises some fun questions. Semites are brownish. The only way you wind up with white semites is interbreeding with caucasians. Now … for centuries, jews were an underclass in europe. So, here are the two possibilities:

  1. For centuries, white european women were slavering for jewish “shmuck” and marrying jewish men
  2. For centuries, jewish women were doing what they had to to keep body and soul together (or just being raped by the landlord), and passing off the bastards as jews.

Call me silly, but I’ll go for option two.

Now … this does raise awkward questions with respect to the fact that Jehovah made his promise to Abraham and his sons. The problem being that none of these white yiddish-speaking people in europe are sons of Abraham. If he were to have a say in the matter, he’d be like “That’s no son/daughter of mine.”

Get it? The central problem causing the Israel/Palestinian conflict – the ancestral claim of the jews on that land – is void under its own terms. If it is the word of Jehovah that cedes that land to the sons of Abraham, then by that very criterion today’s so-called “jews” are ineligible, because Jehovah only counts the sons-of-sons.

Who is entitled to the land, then, according to Jehovah? Well … I suppose the population that stayed in motherfreaking Israel, aka ‘Palestine’, when the romans scattered the sons of Abraham across the world. No wonder these faux sons of Abraham hate the palestinians. Calling today’s “jews” ‘jews’ is like calling american negroes ‘negroes’.

Speaking of antisemitism: have you ever noticed how much the caricature of the arab “terrorist” – the hooked nose, the beady eyes – resembles the 1930’s german propaganda poster of the jew?


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