Kingmaker – Giacamo’s notes-for-epic

OMG! Zombies! Dave had us running through an adaptation of Resident Evil, apparently.
Have bad nightmares for remembering this. Baybe to write epic quickly – not to remember too much.

And so noble Jope to run all night until dawn should grant its benison of light and life did set his face, his companions also, undead horde not slow to follow and set to rend and tear. Then did Seldryn call upon her art and make use of magic prepared and hoarded against exigency dire, summoning mounts from aetheric stable for her lord and boon companions, and away sped they towards fell city, undead horde behind, but never far.
Seldryn is my character, so I can’t help by tell the story from my POV. My theory is: a wizard has a lot of spells, but can’t prepare them all. A spell that you know but can’t cast is pointless. The key, then, is to scribe scrolls. I pretty much spend all my gold on it. Mount is a 1st-level Pathfinder spell that summons a common riding horse. I had three scrolls, prepared ages ago – you never know when you are going to unexpectedly need an extra horse. It was a lifesaver. I was really pleased to be able to go “I have just the thing to get us out of this mess …”
Grim city attained, Jope sought shelter in Erastil-home from unholy horde – his mace making way for he and his companions. Yet even there was beset with evil, defences hard-pressed and companions grievously bloodied, so removed him to stouter inn where his mages told of echoes of abjuration.
I pushed for the church. Other options were the inn, and Brett picked up on a clue that the answer to the puzzle was at the fairground. The church turned out to be a bad move – not very defensible: big windows. We barricaded the door with some Feather token, Tree items. The boss was some sort of clawed ghost thingy – a jilted bride, of all things. Scary and sinister.

Attempting to get into the temple of Erastil

At last titan of undeath made himself known – stout inn struck to flinders, no defence there, but at bridge over water did canny Jope attain there to make his stand. With arrow and spell and mighty blows did he and his companions fell the bane, and lesser dead only remaining did search for dread earthquakes epicentre. At market-ground found his mages traces of the evil, their scent leading southwest beyond horizon.

Yeeees … Giacomo rather glosses over how we got from the inn to the bridge: a wiser bard than Sir Robin’s. The tactical retreat to better ground involved Jope cunningly exiting the back door of the inn while Rainor stood his ground outside and took some shots at a two-stories-tall undead thingy.

Meanwhile, Switch was bumbling about inside: the aura of Abjuration that she and Morgana sensed turned out to be some explosive runes. Once disarmed, they turned out to be guarding some loot and various notebooks containing plot exposition. The runes themselves were also a clue – something about centaurs. She did get off a Glitterdust, but then she also took off.

Morgana flies, of course, and was never in serious trouble. We had to retcon – thanks to the summoned horses, she did not need to use up her flight for the day to escape the zombies, and so still had a few minutes.

At the end of the session, Dave told us that in the module the town was abandoned. Ghaaah! The important thing, however, is that we hit level 8. Switch now has third level spells and 3d6 sneak attack. 🙂

For Rainor’s POV, see Brett’s blog.

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