Kingmaker – Giacamo’s notes-for-epic

A pretty simple game this week – take the fort. The main issue was whether or not it could be done without violence. It couldn’t. We are short a player, and feel the difference, I think.
Good fight! Much better than undead things. But not so much to say.

A mountain pass did Jope espy, stout defense not unguarded, and with word of friendship did hail, he always willing to make allies of strangers, peacemaker and friend-to-all, first to make fair parley. But rebuffed with impudent arrows, did assault wall and gate and make way for his companions.

The gate was fun. Jope was giant sized and we ran along him and jumped. They were all spriggans inside. I think the turn-everyone-undead thing didn’t affect them, so they just killed the zombies and took the fort.

I think Switch did big illusion so we could get to the fort without being shot. Very scary, very pretty! She did the levitate thing, and have to mention that because otherwise makes no sense how Jope got onto roof. Rainor was freeing some wolves, I think.

Then Rainor broke into the fort on the side. Most of the spriggans had gone and they left the back door open, or something. Don’t know what Switch was doing.

Switch was engaged in a running battle, firing Acid Splash cantrips at some spriggan archers concealed behind arrow slits. Both had cover – one from arrow slits, the other from Blur. It was some comic relief. Dave was granting sneak attack damage, which I’m pretty sure the rules wouldn’t permit (you can’t sneak attack something that has concealment from you). But really, once we had Jope on the roof and Rainor inside, the battle was over – the defences had been well and truly breached.

With curse and threat retreated fey defenders to hardy bolt-hole, stout made-of-man fort. But Jope on arcane wings did ascend to archer-roof and make battle, fey-giant to defeat. Then down into fortress to make mayhem, he and Rainor, and swiftly mighty battle-hand did mete out fair recompense to each foe.

Giacomo fails to mention that Jope had to sit around on the roof and wait for his Enlarge to wear off.
Well, not anything to add. Ho hum. Wonder if we will reach undead thing tomorrow? I hope not!


One Response to Kingmaker – Giacamo’s notes-for-epic

  1. BrettW says:

    Not a bad writeup. Great picture at the end 🙂

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