Kingmaker – Giacamo’s notes-for-epic

Hmm. We left the fort and went south, but is not very epic – everyone is talking talking “oh, we don’t really know where we are going”. And worrying about the kingdom. And then they decide to go back home and use Morgana’s cauldron, and maybe go through centaur fields because bracelet drawing have centaur writing on it and maybe to ask them about it. Maybe not very good plan, but turned out good.

And here did victorious Jope turn and speak to his companions, saying: Behold! Our trail ends here – unknown plain and mountain-hex before us. We shall turn home to seek guidance of witch-cauldron, coven of Morgana. But we shall make our way through Nomen-plain, knowledge of strange centaur rune and sigil to win.

And so journeyed he northward, though plain of Nomen until war-party came of centaur bold and free. Parley made he, and conveyed they him to their priest-queen.

Dave mentioned that the diplomacy succeeded just barely thanks to the fact that we hailed the centaurs in sylvan. Lot of role-playing that night, which is good.

Victory-token rendered Jope to Queen: ancient centaur spear hard-won from spriggan-fort. They did take counsel, and learned Jope of death’s valley southward – and priestess-heir there lost. Priestess-queen ancient centaur-ban lifted, and lay quest on Jope to venture to forbidden valley.

Yet Jope, always duty-mindful, delayed his quest, home to return, and counsel to take with Restov-nobles.

Rainor also found a centaur that spoke elven and they had a bit of a chat about the lay of the land. Mastodons. Bullettes. Handy things to know about.

Is not very epic – “Oh, ok, but first we have to do stuff.” I think have to fix this later. We go to Restov and do shopping, and give Report of why

Screw it.

  • Giacomo did the epic for the Centaurs. it was not badly received
  • We returned whatshisface’s sons sword. Sad story there
  • Jope bought a carriage. We went home and did some kingdome building.
  • We scryed on the other end of this friendship ring. Dave was totally “oh, one of the players has to be in on it.”, so Switch joined Morgana’s coven briefly. The scrying was interfred with by … something.
  • Went to the valley of the dead. Guared by a heavy, which Jope took out.
  • Switch was attacked by a thingy on account of she scryed on the valley. Thingy dropped her to a Wis of 0 before … actually, Rainor did most of the damage but Switch kill-stole by way of an Acid Arrow which she had dropped into the thing prior to being disabled.

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