We have a new player – Tim. Yay! Well … if he turns up again this week, we have a new player. You know how it is.

Dwarf cleric. I like pathfinder dwarves – ran a dwarf monk last game. Cleric isn’t really his bag (man), but we’ll see what happens.

Congrats to my IRL niece for pumping out her first sprog. I am a grand-uncle again.

We stole an egg, and some chicks. We are not sure that the chicks was a good idea. There was a party. We are in the mountains again. There is a dungeon®. I am excited: it has been a long time since I was in a dungeon. I hope there is loot®.


Back from the mountains. We recovered the Roc egg, and three chicks. His Grace feels that raising three Rocs is a fine idea and will inevitably turn out well. As you can tell from the snark, I am less convinced of this. But he’s coming along well as nobility – at least so far as expensive folly is concerned – so there’s a positive.

In any case, the egg proved a huge hit at some festival or other and brought a surprising amount of commerce into the duchy. Enough for another statue, in fact. We cleared out the worst of the monsters from around Lake Silverstep – some mud-creatures, some carnivorous plants. It all should be safe for the farmers, now.

More soberly, we are addressing ourselves to the issue of these enslaved kobolds. We host a number of refugees from the mountains to our east, and His Grace seems to have a soft spot for the sneaky scaly little things. I know that many feel that slavery is probably the best thing for them, but that’s not the opinion around here it seems.

As we are heading into caves, His Grace has retained a dwarf – a cleric of Irori – to accompany us. An excellent idea. I still use my belt, but there’s no substitute for the real thing, and his magics will prove invaluable.

As it stands, we are camped in the mountains near a cave entrance which – we estimate – quite possibly joins up with the underground complex that the kobolds describe. Tom seems a little more awake – some of my dreams involve exploration of underground places that I have never been in. Rescuing the slaves is all very well, but we hope there is loot.

As always,
Your sister,

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