Ending Islamic terrorism

The root cause of suicide bombing and other forms of suicidal terrorism is pretty straightforward to work out. Remember Columbine? The other school killings in the USA? Done by teenage losers. Male teenage losers. Male teenaged losers living in sexually repressive societies, where you don’t have sex until you are married.

You see, there’s nothing quite like the destructive rage and despair of being a 16-25yo male and knowing, beyond a doubt, that you will never, never get laid. Oh, you can laugh. You can say “Naaw, that doesn’t explain it” all you want, all I can say in reply is “You’ve never been there”. Alpha males (even beta males, who have a decent crack at some chick settling for them eventuall) will never understand. Women will never understand. You don’t get it – please don’t even try pretending you do. To know, without a doubt, that you have no future – nothing to live or work for, that in a society that values “family” above everything, you’ll always be a second class citizen.

That’s why you see these school shooting in religious communities, like bible-belt USA. All the chicks want to marry pastors. Or at least, someone in leadership. Or at least, someone who will be part of the responsible, respectable married-person crowd. And if there’s no-one, well, there’s a whole world of non-christians do date and marry, and that’s what they go and do. To be the guy whom the girls would rather go out with a non-christian than – there’s nothing quite like it, I assure you.

But what’s peculiar about Islam that makes this source of suicidal rage even more of a problem?


Yep – polygamy. It’s funny, you know. When people think of polygamy, they think “That means a man can have four wives! Cool!”. They don’t think “That means that most, most young men will never get laid, ever.” But that’s exactly what it means. Do the math. A wealthy middle-aged or older man has no trouble acquiring that third or fourth wife. What happens if you are not that man? Instead of one in fifty young men facing no future worth living, it’s one in ten, or five.

The Bible – written by tribal polygamists – describes sons as “arrows in your quiver”. Geddit? Young men in these kinds of societies are expendable. For most sons, your only purpose in life is to be shot at the enemy and to die and be forgotten: cannon fodder for the endless tribal wars. Hence the burquas and the rape. Why not rape? What will be the repercussions? Even if, even if, you are prosecuted and given the death penalty, at least you won’t die a virgin. Of course, they don’t prosecute it: killing young men of war-fighting age is a silly waste. (The “honour killings” make the problem even more acute: reducing the female:male ratio, particularly since it’s nubile women that get murdered by their male relatives)

The solution?


The only way to end the ongoing problem of islamic extremism is to make it possible for every young muslim man to get sucked off by a pro every now and then. It really is that simple. The west must make it possible to work as a sex worker and to use the services of sex workers in these societies without repercussions. Ancient societies understood this: they too were polygamous, but prostitution was an honourable – even sacred – way to make a living. And rightly so: they kept all those powderkegs of hormones and youth from exploding.

Whores, man. You know it makes sense.

As to how such a thing might be accomplished, that’s another story. But all those freshly-built military bases dotting the arab world make me think that it might not be as difficult to arrange as it might at first appear.


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