Kingmaker – Giacomo’s notes-for-epic

Have forgotten what those jumping things were. I was very frightened when I escaped this way, but now with Jope and everyone is no problem. But now we are here – up there is where I escaped down the garbage chute. There are carrion-crawlers up there, but Jope lent Rainor his ring of not-being-paralyzed, so is all right. Everyone is very grim and fierce and has scary-face, because there are drow.
Yeah, I missed a week.
At long last far journey underground through forgotten cave and lightless river, past guards fearsome arrived Jope at drow-fortress, kobold-friend at kobold-bane and prison. Lithe Rainor did ascend through secret ways and beheld farm and fortress, place of captivity. Then did each ascend, grim and ready for war. Ancient hate hard on face of dwarf and elf, enmity bitter, for drow above did make dwelling. Beware thou, noble Jope! Beside the strides hate older than man, eager for war and havok.
The writer/translator of Beowulf was a big fan of alliteration:

Now each was to the other
All loathly while living; his body sore bided
The monster; was manifest now on his shoulder
The unceasing wound, sprang the sinews asunder,
The bone-lockers bursted.

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