Kingmaker – not

We are doing Jope’s quest, at the moment, and Andrew was down with food poisoning. So instead the guys let me run them through the Paizo organised play module which I will be running for real and for true on Wednesday.

The idea is that I ought to have enough gear to simply run the game with drop-in players.

  • I was missing:
    • ¬†something to wipe the mat with
    • minis for characters
    • spare character sheets
  • The water-soluble pens don’t work very well on con-tact, although they are fine of the regular vinyl.
  • There’s no substitute for just pencli, paper, and eraser
    • The guys blitzed the module – perhaps too easily, but they are very experienced players. Actually – some characters were dropped unconscious, so it wasn’t that easy. I handwaved one or two things (handed out a free cure light to everyone at one point).

      I missed one or two important things. I won’t forget them wednesday … but only because I have played it once already. I won’t get this sort of dry run wit the rest of the games. There’s no easy fix – I just need to do the job better, is all.

      Was a bit railroad-y. Organised play is a trifle soulless, not sure it’s really my thing. Not a lot of scope for role-play or originality – run the encounters, do the faction quests, and fill in the campaign sheet at the end.

      We’ll see how it goes.

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