I find myself in a very, very bad spot and I don’t know if this will reach you.

It all began badly and swiftly got worse. We emerged onto the lowlands of this cavern – a pasture for rothe, herded by some kobold slaves. We attempted to make contact but they ran off and – you won’t believe it – alerted their goblin overseers, at which point you have to ask: do these people really deserve any better than to be slaves?

Anyway. A couple of goblins came to investigate. I concealed us with an illusion, then we attacked. But we didn’t kill them quickly enough. One was injured and got away, and meanwhile we were hit by a group of six archers (Nice bit of tactics. Goblins, unfortunately, are not stupid.)

Proceeding further into the cavern, we eventually found a Kobold who was not a stupid coward. Quite aged (for a Kobold), and too infirm to bolt and run. Explaining that we were here to – you know – liberate them (well, His Lordship and Giacomo did that. I think they have me pegged as an albino drow) he told us that their leader (that is, of the kobolds) was an older female that lived in caverns under the goblin settlement, and that we’d have to speak to her.

Of course, this cavern is divided in two by a massive rift that goes down the gods only know how far – well down into the underdark – and this leader is on the other side, over a heavily guarded bridge. Oh – and there’s some stairs leading up to what I believe are chambers that once housed a red dragon some time ago, whom the kobolds still venerate. Anything could be living up there now.

The goblins were systematically sweeping the cavern for us. We decided that rather than attempt the bridge, Rainen could ferry us across. I gave clumsy dwarf a Reduce Person and he, His Lordship, and Giacomo all made it across without mishap.

Then our luck ran out. As Rainen was taking Rainor across, they were spotted, and presumably a drow cast Farie Fire on them. They flew up the dragon stairs.

And so we are split in three. Rainor and Rainen will be fine – they’ll wait for the spell to wear off and then assay the flight again. Jope and Giacomo are no doubt pleading their case to this kobold matriarch. Meanwhile, I am stuck on the wrong side of a rift that – on the right side – is no doubt swarming with drow. If I do get across, avoid the drow, the goblins, and get below to the kobold residences, they absolutely will not trust an albino drow that they do not recognise.

It’s … it’s not looking good.

So, Dave is off for two months and we are left with a cliffhanger. Fun times.

One Response to Kingmaker

  1. Jope says:

    The elven postal service is amazingly efficient! It can get messages out even when the sender is invisible and hiding in an underground Drow and Goblin fortress while surrounded by hordes of said goblins doing a search-and-destroy sweep.

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