Die With Honour

Played “Die With Honour” at Wintercon. Jerimiah II (formerly Xavier the sorcerer) is level 14 and – oh yes – has purchased a Ring of Theurgy, thanks to one of the other players making a gift of a 35kgp item. Yowsa!

We fought off wave after wave of ogres as we waited 20 days in the “Rest Room” for the crafting of the ring to be complete – it was kind of the other players to wait and grind for XP and loot. Tactical Teleport was a brilliant choice for a spell – saved the party’s asses again and again. Wall of Force was also useful.

Hmm. What else?

  • Arcane Fusion has a very, very useful and non-obvious feature. Everyone hates a mage that does nothing but protect themselves. I have seen an inexperienced D&D player do that – cast Invisibility in round 1 and then do not much else. Not well-received. Arcane Fusion allows you to cast Greater Invisiblity (remember: we were up against ogres) and at the same time to cast – say – Ray of Enfeeblement. That way, the other players don’t resent you for sucking XP without contributing.
  • Expeditious Retreat (swift) – hell yeah. When every round counts, and you are mid-high level sorcerer with a lot of low-level slots, this spell makes the difference.
  • Scorching Ray – natch. The workhorse damage-dealer. Pair it with Energy Substitution feat for bonus fun.
  • Resist Energy (mass) – omg yes. Nothing like that “Coises! Foiled again!” expression on a DM’s face, and Sal is a very expressive DM. A joy to foil.
  • Assay Resistance – don’t attempt to Feeblemind without it.

On the minus side,

  • “Brilliant Aura” is unexpectedly lame, especially when you are up against undead ogres. Damn. Should have gone “Prismatic Ray”. Avasculate is awesome, but evil. May create alignment issues, so I avoided it.
  • Greater Mage Armour – no help at all at these levels. A mage has to rely on mobility, invisibility, and meat-shields.
  • Lesser Orb of X – another waste of a slot. There’s a reason Magic Missile is popular. Get Feather Fall. Get Identify (important in DWO).

So: a lame 7th level spell pick, but effectively 5 more 6th-level spells per day. Not as cool as it could be, but still pretty damn cool. I have loaded the Ring of Theurgy with Identify, Fly, and Enervate.

Sydcon is on in October. I might see if I can get there. Must speak with Sal re the level-drop tradeoff. I’d really like a do-over for that 7th level spell. I have only cast it once. Id be happy to trade it for a lower-level spell, even. Fly, or Cone of Cold. Or Disintegrate, aka “Rogue in a can”. Sal might agree, but the price will be steep. It’s all good 🙂 .


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