SS Week 6 – Mission Accomplished!

A long session, but surprisingly little to say – basically one big fight.

And so our intrepid heroes decide to descend on the cannibal camp and wipe them out. Fun times! There is much discussion, but eventually they decide on a simple attack.

Which is about the right approach for this DM, sad to say.

Although much happened, there is little to say. The party attacked. There is a guard animal – a trained shiv dragon – at the entrance to the camp, whom spiky engages in a reptile vs reptile battle. Some tense moments as cannibals in a guard tower spear Barmy with javelins. But an Entangle spell soon puts an end to that, controlling the onrush of foes, and a few alchemical bombs take care of the tower.

The party were doing well, when Klorak the Red emerges from a doorway with two more cannibals and challenges Barmy. He looks to overmatch Barmy and then mop up, but Mephisto drops a Cause Fear on him and he flees. The party continue to slay the natives.

After a few more moments, an old witch emerges, and with her four skeletons. But a bomb takes care of the skeletons, and then Vick drops over the witch a fishing net festooned with hooks. Without a wall of allies in front of her, there is little she can do to defend herself.

After a few moments more, Klorak returns – looking for a little healing. But it’s simply too late – all of the tribe is dead. Even with the witch’s aid, he is done for, and she also. Her final words: “Arrgh”. But a tiny bit prior to that, her penultimate words if you will: “Mother Thrunefang take you all!”

“Oh crap!” Everyone thinks, “you mean, she isn’t “Mother Thrunefang”? Bummer!”

The camp falls quiet (but not silent – the jungle is never really silent). Closer now, they appraise the lighthouse. It is – amazingly, surprisingly, blessedly complete. Not the half-built pile of stones that they feared, but it seems fully built. All that is left to do is to search the rest of the camp for stray cannibals, and signal for rescue.

Or, so they suppose.

A real victory for control-type spells: the Entangle and Cause Fear were key – as was that hooky netty thingo. The witch mainly does stuff that works off having a meat-shield. But with Klorak out of the picture, there’s not a lot she could do. I rolled for how many rounds it would take for Malikadna and Klorak to get to the fight, and they did not roll well. If they had gotten there earlier, it might have been much tougher. As it was, the party only has to split XP with one NPC (the cleric). They did have a coupe of unpleasant moments, which is what you want.

Having said that, I think the party does feel the pinch in having only one front-line fighter. If Klorak had made his save, taken down Barmy, and got in amongst the casters: it would have turned out very, very differently.

All up, the combat took one minute, 24 seconds. Three or four hours real time. Slo-mo or what?

12 Cannibals @200 xp – 2400
Klorak the Red – 800
Malikadna – 800
1 shiv dragon – 600
4 skeletons @135 – 540
Total: 5140 xp
4 characters + 1 NPC + 1/2 share for Vick: 5.5 shares = 935 (467) xp each.

Vick: 2376
M’Bongo: 2859
Joseph: 2640
Barmy: 2263
Meph: 2608

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