Week 3 – treachery and intrigue

And so we are sucessful, and have handed over the educated kobold’s note to our sergeant. A good move! It seems that they were friends. “Friend” – a curious notion. It seems to mean something like “allies without any specific enemy at the moment”.

Nevertheless. We are given liberty until midmorning tomorrow. We break ranks and head to the local

RETCON! We actually had a break of a couple of months during which we levelled up to level 3.

the local tavern, where my unit drink some of the revolting swill (a drug distilled from rotten fruit or grain) that surfacers are so fond of.

This morning, only three of us form up on time – myself, the shaman, and a knight. A dragonborn with some rank calls us and charges us with a mission – we are to go to an address (a home in the city) and stop an assassination. Our sergeant confirms that this one’s orders are to be obeyed. I urge haste – our charge could be being killed as we dither.

After a bit of checking, it turns out that this three-man party is potentially a very effective combo. The shaman gives the blackguard extra attacks, and the druid gives him combat advantage. With these buffs, the blackguard does a lot of damage. He also has diplomacy, which is good, as his alter-ego is a decent roleplayer.

We pound on the door, but there is no response. We break a window, and I make use of my form to enter. But the door is bolted securely. We all enter through the window. Downstairs is nothing. Upstairs is an impenetrable wall, behind which we hear something. But, we cannot make our way in. I reason: if the sounds we heard were an assasination, then we are too late anyway, so we might as well assume that our subject is busy with something.

Eventually we are addressed psychically. Our subject seems amused that such as we are sent to protect him. I cannot help but agree – our subject is clearly a mage of some power. He suffers us to remain, on condition that we don’t break anything.

We wait.

A noise, a crashing. A bull-man charging, battering down walls and anything else in his way. Our subject mentally reacts with surprise, and asks us to deal with the matter. I change. We attack the bull-thing. I cover him and distract him while my not-foe cuts him. The spirit thing also is there, and I am careful to not bite it. My not-foe kills the bull-thing. My other not-foe is upstairs, so I run. There is a wall with no opening, so I go outside and up the building. Below my not-foe battles another. I change and target the assasin. But … the assassin wears a symbol of Bahumut! And it is plain that our subject – a tiefling – has set up a ritual that involves traffic with infernal powers. On the strength of that symbol, I begin to attack the mage whom we were sent to protect. I change and fight. Eventually, my two not-foes join me and we the all fight the devil-thing. We hut it until it stops fighting. Then I change back.

It seems our assassin is some sort of official assassin with a formal death warrant. But he is no army officer or superior of ours, and his warrant is merely paper, as far as I care. He claims that the tiefling is “an enemy of Bahumut” or “will bring disaster on us”, or some such. Delicious! Intrigue and betrayal, just like home! Clearly there are factions at work here – we serve an Orium dragonborn, and not all agree with his methods.

We offer to take them both bound to a better authority. The assassin refuses. He moves to finish his job. Well, our orders are plain. We will kill this assassin, then destroy the death-warrant. As far as we are concerned, we have followed our orders, and slain an unknown assailant. We will pretend ignorance. My companions seem to be practical sorts (fortunate the other knight is not with us) and it will be difficult to fault our conduct once the evidence is dealt with. I daresay the warlock can be persuaded to dispose of the body. And even those who know that we have killed a licensed assassin – faugh – any assassin that gets himself killed by bodyguards of his target, that has to wave about pieces of paper and beg leave to do his job deserves to die.

Let us see if the four of us can take this gith …



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