OMG, I am a LARPer

The shame, the shame, the shame! Yes, gentle reader, it seems I am a LARPer. If not a terribly good one.

Last Sunday evening we, the Good Games (Lanyon) players, conspired to call the angel Sammael into our magic circle. Many items, many esoteric bits of information were required, and cooperation by a bunch of people who, well, whose goals were sometimes at odds. At the end of the day, we did not get very far with the ritual – succeeding only in drawing and purifying the outer circle. After that a lot of characters got shot by other characters, including mine.

Still, I must say I look awesome in a suit, dark gray shirt, sliver pentacle and shiny shoes. Never underestimate shiny shoes, gentlemen: chicks just go nuts for footwear.

Likewise, it seems I did a bang-up job of reading out a magic spell with a whole bunch of consonants. The trick is to not go back and correct yourself when you screw it up. If you ever need a magic circle purified with the 33rd incantation of Axolotyl, my email is on my WordPress info page.

I did learn some important lessons. Read the material the organiser sends, and (if it’s Matt) be prepared to do a little prep work before the session. If I had, world history might have turned out rather differently. Not to mention being somewhat shorter. On the plus side – WWII would never have happened. On the minus side … well, lets just say that the larp was Cthulhu mythos, and leave it at that.

Good times, fond memories – even if I was a little overwhelmed by it all. I’ll rock up for the next one, no worries.

PS: you know that carpet-cleaning and deodorising powder stuff? Works a treat!


One Response to OMG, I am a LARPer

  1. Jamie Reid says:

    Glad you had a good time Paul 😛

    Looking forward to LARPing with you again soon 😛

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