Kingmaker – it never rains but that it pours

We have started the next module, which it would seem involves war and mass combat.


No rest for the wicked, it seems. I was rather hoping to be able to take a month off (after attending to business). But we arrived home to

(How odd, that I call Fort Tuskwater “home” now. Perhaps you only recognise home as home by leaving it and returning. Home is home only when compared to all the places that are not.)

home to find that Tatzelford was under attack by an organised force. We went there with dispatch, of course. My poor scroll-case! Emptier by the day, but there’s no help for it.

At Tatzelford, well – I didn’t pay much attention o business. Too many cooks spoil the broth, you know. General Rainor and His Grace organised most of the battle. We spellcasters prepared some suitable spells and let the general know what they were so that he could integrate them into his plans. I don’t normally do evocation, you know (well, aside from Scorching Ray) – I find it a little dry and mathematical. But Vordakai (Remember him? The lich we banished.) had Wall of Fire in his spellbook, and I have successfully transcribed it. It’s perfect for this type of battle. Ovthen can cast Wall of Blades, of course.

Switch is a specialist Illusionist. I went specialist to get those extra spell slots – important when you are multiclassing. I chose Illusion for Improved Invisibility, a given when you are a Wizard/Rogue. Her opposition schools are Necromancy, because it has the wrong flavour for the character (although it’s tough to give up some of the best attack spells in the game); and Enchantment, which requires more role-playing than I want to do.

I don’t have much truck with blasty AoE spells, usually. A fighter does way more damage, more reliably, and without hitting the other party members. But sometimes it’s the right tool for the job. Switch actually does not know Fireball at all, or I would have prepared a couple for this fight.

Anyway, we chose our positions. Most of the morning was spent fighting off a mass of common soldiers. Our wall spells did terrible damage. I’m finding that I don’t have much taste for mowing down scores of ordinary humans or burning them alive. It has to be done, but it’s very terrible. I’d far rather deal with the persons responsible for the attack and simply absorb the lands and its commoners into Freedonia.

After them, we were attacked by trolls. Our forces are somewhat split. His Grace’s battle went well – although one did escape. Trolls regenerate, of course. They dealt with this by knocking them thoroughly unconscious and then dropping them onto that magical campfire that we have been carrying around since day one.

But there’s another group coming over the hill now, and it’s just we spell casters and Rainor. Well see how well we acquit ourselves. These are things I am perfectly content to set fire to.

Ben finally has his character ready, a sorcerer who does “do” AoE blasty spells. Our characters are on a roof at the moment, so I suspect it will be sorcerer and ranger blatting things, and invisible wizard/rogue getting up close and personal, relying on improved evasion buffed with a Cat’s Grace to avoid the Fireballs that the sorcerer will be lobbing.

The DM has ruled that the rogue can coup-de-grace with a ranged touch spell as a full round action, same as cdg with a missile weapon. With Acid Splash, sneak attack, the auto-crit, and her Sniper Goggles, that’s 1d3*2+4d6+8=26 average, a fort save of 36. With Scorching Ray, it’s 4d6*2+4d6+8=50 average, a fort save of 60. If the DM allows me to fire with both rays for the CDG (because you can’t really CDG two enemies at once), the extra 4d6 makes it a fort save of 72.

IOW: it would take a disastrous roll for a Rogue/Wizard not to CDG an unconscious troll with Scorching Ray. Even with the cantrip her odds are pretty good. But she has to get right next to them and is relying on the other characters to drop ’em to zero.

Hmm. Might go Cat’s Grace, Improved Invisibility, and Grease. Her Acid Splash has a range of 50′ now that she’s CL 10, and the Sniper Goggles give her sneak attack even at that range. Average damage 24, but it’s acid. Worth doing that for as long as possible before getting close.


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