I get more mail

So, in response to my last post here, another family member has decided to taunt me with right-wing screed. I’ll put the whole thing in a sidebar.

This is not a chain letter. Just the truth.

Well, at the end it says “forward this if you agree”. That makes it a chain letter.

Are the ARABS happy ?

The Arabs are not happy!!!

  • They are not happy in Gaza.
  • They are not happy in the West Bank.
  • They are not happy in Jerusalem.
  • They are not happy in Israel. (There is no equality)
  • They are not happy in Egypt.
  • They are not happy in Libya.
  • They are not happy in Algeria.
  • They are not happy in Tunis.
  • They are not happy in Morocco.
  • They are not happy in Yemen.
  • They are not happy in Iraq.
  • They are not happy in Afghanistan.
  • They are not happy in Syria.
  • They are not happy in Lebanon.
  • They are not happy in Sudan.
  • They are not happy in Jordan.
  • They are not happy in Iran.

Riight. Several things of note here.

“Arab” is a race. That means that this screed, by any sensible definition of the word, is racist. Of course, it’s quite ignorant. Iranians are not Arabs. I’m pretty sure Sudanese are not Arabs. By “Arab”, this person simply means “any semite who isn’t a jew”. Quite simply: it’s anti-semitic. Haven’t you ever noticed how the cartoon evil arab – the hooked nose, the beady little eyes – is identical to nazi propaganda cartoons of “Der Juden”?

It’s not talking about islam in general – where are the Indonesians? Or maybe it is. The writer is probably not well-informed enough to be able to distinguish between different kinds of brown people.

You’ll note that the first four items concern Arabs living in Israeli-occupied territory, and tsk-tsks the fact that they are unhappy. I dunno. Maybe it’s something to do with the IDF airforce doing supersonic runs over the gaza strip to intimidate the people there and deprive them of sleep. Maybe it’s the remote-controlled guns on the border wall, which basically murder people at will. Maybe it’s the IDF bombing the electricity and sewerage plants, and cutting off international aid. Maybe, in a word, it’s the systematic and deliberate genocide of a native population by a bunch of white europeans who decided to settle there in the 60s. Maybe they simply don’t enjoy being the racial underclass in what is – again, by any sensible definition of the word – an apartheid state.

(You’d think, of course, that of all the people in the world the Israelis would understand that genocide is a bad thing. But when Zioists read the logo “Never Again” placed over the Nazi death-camps, the message they get is “Never Again will it be someone doing it to us.” They seem intent on doing most of the things that the Nazis did to their own racial underclass trapped in ghettos, even to the point of referring to “The Palestinian Problem” in those words. How long, do you think, before someone proposes a Final Solution?)

Many of the other items on this list are places where CIA-installed dictators have been oppressing the people for years. Saddam Hussein was a CIA asset. Damn right they’re not happy about the USA backing one tyrant after another.

Where are the Arabs happy?

  • They are happy in England.
  • They are happy in France.
  • They are happy in Italy.
  • They are happy in Germany.
  • They are happy in Sweden.
  • They are happy in Holland.
  • They are happy in Denmark.
  • They are happy in Belgium.
  • They are happy in Norway.
  • They are happy in the U.S.
  • They are happy in Canada.
  • They are happy in Romania.
  • They are happy in Hungary.
  • They are happy in Australia.
  • They are happy in New Zealand.

They are happy in any other country in the world that is not under a Muslim

And whom do they blame?

  • Not Islam.
  • Not their leadership.
  • Not themselves.

But the same countries in which they are happy to live.

Well, I do rather agree here. Religious government rapidly makes any country an authoritarian shithole. Try living in John Calvin’s Geneva, or England under Cromwell’s Puritans, or (obviously) Spain during The Inquisition. Kicking the bloody God-botherers out of government, keeping them away from any power by which they can exercise their will on the average person (I mean: these people can’t be trusted to be schoolteachers), is the measure of whether a society is civilised or not.

Funny, though, that the very same people who will ban abortions, outlaw achohol, and try to get creationism taught in the schools are the ones that are most frightened of islamic rule. Maybe not that funny: they are so frightened because it takes one to know one. They know exactly what the muslims would do if they got power: they would do what these christians wish they could do.

Kind of like how it’s the wife-bashers and violent date-rapists who are most afraid of homosexuals.

This is so true… Democracy is really good for them:

Innocent monkeys that they are!

In a democracy they can live comfortably,
enjoy the high quality of life which they did not build and work for,
they don’t have to be productive and earn a living,

Um … no. What? According to whose fantasies can immigrant muslims simply hang around and not make a living?

they can be wild,
and break the law,

Wtf? What? Eh? What the hell is this supposed to be about?

exploit the social services,

wear Burkas and make a mockery of our Police and Courts
and generally bite the hand that feeds them.

More WTF. The “exploit the social services” is usually about niggers. One moment it’s “they’re all on the dole” and next its “they’re taking all the jobs!” Terry Pratchett deconstructed this gorgeously in one of his Discworld books, in a dinner where people were talking about the dwarves. “Cunning of them, how they can be so lazy and also be such hard workers.”

And why the angst about burkas? If someone want to weak a burqa, I say: go fucking nuts! Do it! Fill yer boots! Can the writer of this please explain to me why I should give a shit?

The “mockery of the police” is telling though. Fascist. “Respect mah authoritah!”

Why do they insist on bringing their failed system with them, why do they
want to turn Australia into the country they left for a better life….?

I explained this already: for much the same reason that christians think that Jesus ought to be making the laws.

Mind you, I do agree with these sentiments entirely. They also apply to – for instance – wogs who want to turnn this country into a boneyard like the country they came from: Serbs and Croats, “Macedonia is Greek!” and all that shit. Give em a shiv and ship ’em back to where they came from.

(You are aware of the horrific death rate on the Snowy Mountains scheme? You want to know what was causing it? Wogs murdering one another – packing too much explosive into charges, ganging up on each other and chucking one another off the works. Things like that. The authorities of the day innocently supposed that new Australians would simply put their ancient tribal hatreds behind them, or more likely were not even aware of them.)

Australian Muslims make up less than 3% of our population yet our Government
is fixated on pandering to them… Why??

Isn’t this line usually about Aboriginals?

If You Agree, forward it

Like I said. Chain mail.



4 Responses to I get more mail

  1. Alex says:

    Well Paul, it sure is a chain letter. That said, I also agree with many of your comment, with the exception of your comments about the situation of the Arabs who live in Israel proper (not the occupied territories or Gaza, but Israel as it was before the wanton attack by Jordan, Syria and Egypt in 1967 ).

    I correspond regularly with people who live there, Jews and Arabs. The non-Jewish population of that land are more than happy to live and work there. They have far greater freedom than they would under the thumb of Hamas. Israel has tried several times to hand control of the West Bank back to Jordan (the West Bank was part of Jordan prior to the 1967 Six-day War), but Jordan wants nothing to do with it. They did try to hand Gaza back to Egypt, but Egypt didn’t want it back.

    The letter you posted may have been slanted, maybe even bigoted, But I’m afraid that you (and the majority) have been hoodwinked by the Arab propaganda machine, which is blindly supported by the mainstream media. There are alternative news sources too, most of which paint a completely different picture of the situation in the Middle East.

    • Paul Murray says:

      tried several times to hand the West Bank back to Jordan, eh? That must be why it’s riddled with “settlements”, security fences, and Israeli-only highways.


      I wasn’t really aware that the Arab propaganda machine was supported by the MSM. News to me! Of course, partisans of any stripe will always say that about any reported who reports something bad about their party.

  2. Alex says:

    I’m talking about events from the 1970s, actually. Once Jordan “declined”, some Jews commenced building farms and housing. Just one thing among many that the MSM doesn’t report is that all the older West bank/Golan Heights Jewish townships were built on land that was purchased quite legitimately from the Jordanian owners.

    It is most interesting that, until the Jews showed that the desert could be made to bloom and support growing crops, the Jordanians didn’t want the land, and there was no such thing as a “Palestinian”. “Palestinian” as a term for a supposed nationality was a term invented by one Yasser Arafat.

    As for the MSM promulgating the Arab propaganda, well you’ve only got to start reading a wide range of media (including some almost mainstream media) and you start to see what is really happening over there. Read also the Israeli media, such as HaAretz, A7, Jerusalem Times et al., as well as sites like Camera (http://www.camera.org/), and you start to get a somewhat different picture from the one painted by the MSM (particularly the US mainstream – they;’re the worst).

    Whatever way we look at things, we are not getting the full story about the Middle East. Everyone is too busy demonizing the Israelis, and whitewashing the other side. Anything the Arab countries do is treated as perfectly fine, good and legal. But when Israel does the exact same thing, they are the most terrible people in the entire world, their actions are automatically condemned, and by the very same people who have regularly behaved in the same way.

    go figure…

  3. Paul Murray says:

    Well, I don’t want to respond too much and risk offending you beyond a certain point, but honestly! The MSM are all on the other people’s side, they get all the breaks, our guys are awesome and anything saying they are not is propaganda. The very fact that you can repeat stopthink like “made the desert bloom” and mean it – really? What’s next? “Morning in America”? “A land without a people for a people without a land?”

    I have a personal theory about Falun Gong. The Chinese governmment claims that Falun Gong is a nasty little mind control cult like the orange people. Falun Gong claims that the chinese government are a gang of old butchers that routinely execute people without evidence or even trial. I have no problem with either of these: they could quite easily both be true, and probably are.

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