SS Week 7a – XP

We are returning to Smuggler’s Shiv this week. I’ll start Dave’s character on 2300 xp, which is halfway to 3rd level and just behind Vick (Brett’s character)

UPDATE: oops! That puts him in front of barmy. Cant have that! We’ll make it an even 2000.

Vick: 2376
M’Bongo: 2859
Joseph: 2640
Barmy: 2263
Mephisto: 2608
Kate: 2000

4 tribeswomen – 600
2 festrogs – 800
6 lacedons – 2400
MT – 1200

Vick: 3209
M’Bongo: 3691 PING!
Joseph: 3473 PING!
Barmy: 3096
Mephisto: 3441 PING!
Kate: 2833


One Response to SS Week 7a – XP

  1. BrettW says:

    Awww. Missed out on a PING! Better blow more things up tonight.

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