Overload. Sydcon.

“Too Much is always better than Not Enough!” ~ J.R. “Bob” Dobbs.

Sydcon. Good Games. Serpents Skull. I think I’ll deal with SydCon first.

It was disappointing, mainly because I was expecting something bigger than CanCon. Canberrans think of this as a small town, which it is in many ways. Nevertheless, it seems that we do indeed host the biggest and best gaming convention in Australia. Perhaps mainly because you can rent the National Tally Room for a buck fifty (relatively speaking).

I played Die With Honour, as usual. Jerimiah II is now level 16. He is also fucking the dryad from the beastmen room (the one to the left of the entrance). Kinda cool to finally do the entrance – I joined the game years ago sort of dropped into the game somewhere in the middle.

In any event. I shall have to ask Sal about taking leadership and keeping her as a cohort.

Overhearing the epic table play – mixed feelings. It’s all about numbers and stats. The limits of the DWO format – one combat encounter after another – become plain. It’s simply not a roleplaying game. Perfect for a con, but missing a story.

Not that it isn’t fun to build a character with stuff that makes a DM cry. Sal is permitting the Spell Compendium, which makes this job easy. My new favourite 8th level spell is “Greater Arcane Fusion”: pop off a 7th and a 4th level spell using an 8th level slot. In effect, a quickened 4th level spell. A couple of combos suggest themselves.

  • True Strike and Antimagic Ray. Oh? A lich? Bzzt – now he’s just an old man. An old man about to get badly fucked up by the barbarian.
  • Chain Arcane Fusion off the Greater Arcane Fusion: it’s 6th level. I can get off 2 4th level spells and a 1st level spell as a single action. I’ll swap in Orb of Acid as my retrain at level 16, or maybe just load it into the Ring of Theurgy. I’ll be able to cast 2 orbs of acid and a lesser orb of acid in one action. I can sudden maximise all of them for 220 points, or just the two heavy hitters for 180+5d8. Acid damage. No SR. Ranged touch.

I think that probably the thing to do is start a monk and attempt to keep him alive and level him up.


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