Vajazzle – a new way to fill that aching void of irrelevance

Just found out about Vajazzle.

They do a similar service for men, believe it or not. If you really feel like pampering yourself, I’ll tell you: there’s nothing quite like a five hundred dollar back, crack and sack wax and scrotazzle. You’ll leave feeling different, I promise you that.

“Flies Eyes” is very popular. Two hundred individual crystals. Expensive, but worth it and something of a status symbol among those in the know. Alternatively, you can go the “Disco Ball”. To be frank, it’s exactly the same thing. They just call it something different for the gay guys.

And, of course, “Spiderman”. You supply the web fluid.

Drop ’em, tuck em, and bend over – a real traffic stopper. A popular thing is for a group of mates to have it done, and then go play laser tag. Mate of mine – we all call him “sparkles” on account of he keeps getting hit.

I could go on. Don’t you just love the gunt crease in that left-hand image? The tramp stamp in the center one?

It difficult to not be contemptuous of the inane things people spend their money on to make themselves feel special, and I’m just not that strong.

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