Urls at Urinals

Browsing MRA sites, found the “URLs at Urinals” thingy. So, wrote an EPS file suitable for printing onto sticky labels.


The eps has a QR code for http://www.mgtowforums.com.
EPS is used because, well, the label-printing business whose site I found on the web seems to accept it. This image can be converted to other formats, but the process of doing so may create fuzzy images – it depends on how good the postscript processor in the converter is. You’re better off using the eps directly.

The eps is built for 20mm labels, with a 2mm area left clear around the border (because, once again, the online printshop that I found seemed to want that). However, it’s pretty simple to customise. Note that if you change the size by modifying this block:

/sz 20 mm def		% 20 mm sticky labels
/requiredborder	2 mm	% need a 2 mm white border
/textsize 5 def		% trial and error - flyspeck 5 fits ok

Then you must also modify the EPS headers

%!PS-Adobe-3.0 EPSF-3.0
%%BoundingBox: 0 0 56.6929133858268 56.6929133858268
%%IncludeFont: Helvetica

56.6929133858268 is (obviously) 20mm converted into points (10mm=1cm, 2.54cm=1in, 1in=72 pt).

Most of the file is a QR generator, which I copied off http://www.terryburton.co.uk/barcodewriter/. The business of drawing the label is right at the end, and it’s pretty obvious where to stick the text and URL is you want to change it. If it’s not obvious, then find someone who codes.


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