GG3 Week 14 – sorry, guys

Oh man, I broke Winky’s encounter again. I won’t even bother getting Azroth to describe it.

We had gotten our magic bolt-cutter from the dwarf (I picture it as a chunky hooked axe – heavy like a blockbuster or goliath hammer) and were heading towards an entrance back to the underdark. We were attacked by a big gold dragon and a bunch of demons. Veritas calls “save yourself, and get the MacGuffin the fuck out of here!”.

And that’s the set up for the combat: fight or flee? And, if flee, how to get everyone past the melee?

Unfortunately, I like mobility. I’m playing a druid. And I had levelled up Azroth to 16. 16th-level utility power: Dryad trees. Daily. Summon 2 trees within a burst 20. Any ally can tp from a square next to one tree to a square next to the other as a move action. And I rolled 19 for initiative, I was second of the PCs.

Azroth moved to the edge of the battlefield (taking a couple of AAOs), and dropped one tree next to Warryn (who was carrying the MacGuffin) and the other 20 squares that away, well into the “you manage to successfully run away” zone. I then left the table (our turns take a while – lot of players). When I got back, almost everyone was clear. The DM did drop a demon next to Azroth, but drow darkness + run away fixed that.

We finished early. Sorry guys – I broke the encounter. It’s kinda cool, but kinda sucks as well.

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