GG3 week 16 – an end

Well, we had a big fight at the Temple of the Winds. It was getting late, real time, and the battle was grinding away. So the DM had an NPC drop a nuke that sent everyone to sleep. Our guys recovered fiorst, and gakked the bad guys.

We released Io, and he left the world, taking all the magic with him. The various D&D races became the humans we have now and tada. Kind of a middle-earth solution.

Well, at least Azroth got his wish. Lolth can’t touch him now. Ultimately, maybe it was a bad idea to release Io. Maybe not. Read “The Ones who Walk Away”, by Ursula Le Guin.

I have shredded Azroth’s character sheet. Bye dude. It was fun.

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