Cancon retrospective

Well, that was that. Good times had by all. What I did get out of the event, apart from level 17, was an insight that has made me break my new year’s resolution.

There were a number of dudes there rocking the untrimmed beard, and I realized that it was really not a look that I wanted for myself. So, #4. Looking sharp.

I will definitely retire Jerimiah II at level 21. The epic rules are just not that nice. Instead, I will got Githzeri Monk. By the Con rules, I can sacrifice 10 levels to negate the +2 level adjustment, and 6 levels for a +3 to Wisdom. A githzerai gets +2 Wis and +6 Dex, so it should be survivable.

BT did well, afaik. And recieved the “best vendor stall” award! Nicely done. Perhaps raised the bar a little, which is great. I had a chance to show off my roadie skills, such as they are.

Manda’s game tomorrow, Serpent’s Skull on Friday, then Paranoia. I am running a LARP – One of the 3 games at RokCon. Even if it’s not as worked out as I would like it to be, it should still be good. Or at least ok. Hope I don’t disappoint.


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