GG4 Week 4 – Familiy is always embarassing

28 February, 2012

A common area. A fireplace, a cupboard for crockery. Serve yourself kegs of beer, clean your own glasses when you are done. Card tables. Perhaps a barracks mess. One or two groups of three or four. A half-orc having a quiet pint. A dwarf walks in. Older. He pulls a beer and joins the half-orc.

“Wotcher Biggles.”
“Wotcher, Korgul.”

There is a silence. But not a companionable silence. More a waiting for the other shoe to drop silence. A 500-lb gorilla in the room silence. The dwarf, Biggles, speaks first.

“Nice hat”.
“Aww fer fuck’s sake! It’s magic, awlright? It’s a magic fuckin ‘at. I wouldn’t be wearing it if it wosn’t magic.”
“Yeah, well I could tell that from the shards in the band. What’s it do, exactly?”
“I find”, replies Korgul heavily, “that when I wears it I gets a little more respeck.”

Dwarvish laughter, like a small avalanche of boulders tumbling into a mountain stream. “It looks like a pimp hat! Doesn’t it interfere with the sneaking around?”
“It is a bloody pimp hat. But colours don’t matter that much in the dark, so purple and orange is ok. The fur is a natural camouflage pattern anyway, so all it all it comes out the same. But, do you reckon you could …”
“Oh, no Korgul – I’m afraid not. The shape and the colour is part of its magic, you see. Couldn’t possibly touch it. Anyway – do I look like a milliner?”

“Fucker”, replies Korgul. More dwarvish laughter. “So tell me the story”. Korgul shoots him a look. “Who’s asking? You, or Rob?” “A bit of both,” says Biggles matter-of-factly.

“Ok. Well, it’s like this:”

John as Baedryn – Dwarf Warlord.
Jamie as silent dude – Swordmage.
Amanda as Mandor – Human Bard.
Paul as Korgul – Half-orc Rogue.

So that girl wot came around asking for me was Jane, me sister. I been avoiding home. Dunno how she found out I was here. Oh yeah – me fizzog wos in the papers from the university job.

So this Preston bloke ‘ad taken over the business, and put in a manager ‘oo wos ‘itting the girls. They is family, Biggles – Jane ‘ad a black eye off the fucker. It’s good Rob decided to send some of us over as part of ‘is little war wiv Preston: I would ‘ave gone alone, which might not ‘ave worked out well.

So we ‘ad a bit of a chat on the way. No point trying to avoid the guards on the door. We were just going to bull our way in and then ‘ave a chat wiv this Snivler prick.

No worries. Straight froo the door. A regular day inside, a couple of customers.

Hi, my name is Jacqueline. I do massage, oral and sex, fantasies are extra and I don’t do anal. Did you have any questions?

Baedryn goes to the bar and starts asking about the girls, like ‘ee was a customer. Me – straight up the stairs, wotsisface right behind me (don’t even know ‘is name. I fink ‘es takin the ‘ole secretive fing too far. ‘E orta ‘ave at leas a fake name so we can call ‘im summik when we wants ‘im), and opens the doors. An there’s the little bastard right there with a couple of blokes ‘oo frankly didn’t impress me a lot.

Well, I don’t waste time chattin wiv im. I grabs ‘im and drags ‘im to the top of the stairs but ‘e slips out before I can chuck ‘im down. ‘E ‘ad some sort ‘o magic pimp rod – tried that thing on me that ‘e does on the girls. That’s where I got the black eye.’E ‘ad a fair bit ‘o magic. But me an Baedryn deals wiv ‘im wiv a bit ‘o help from Mandor. I finally gets ‘im while Mandor ‘as im distracted. Wotsisface finishes off the goons upstairs, then we do the bouncers and the other goons downstairs. I fink one of ’em I just scared ’em off at the end. No need to kill ‘I’m – it ain’t going her keep any fink a secret. Fact is, if Preston is behind all this then this ain’t going to be the end of it.

I get the goblin’s cane, wot is magic, and this ‘at. I’d like to keep the ‘at, but the rod’s no use to me. Probably Mandor can use it – not sure.

After a minnit or two, free of the town guard come in the door. Mandor tells ’em that these were customers what wos getting rowdy an drew steel, but the guards is being paid by Preston, which is an important tidbit of information and one you should definitely tell Rob about.

Now, we ‘ad masks an shit, but I’ll tell yer I just didn’t fink to put mine on and I don’t fink anyone else did ether. After all – the girls new ‘oo I was, and it’s not like it was going to be a big mystery to Preston either. But fact is I just forgot abaht it.

Wotsisname runs outside and deals wiv some of the recruits, but us uvver free starts to beat up the guards. They is swingin to kill, but we figures we is in enough trouble wiv the orforities, so we is a bit more careful.

Jamie’s character ran off because he would not attack town guards – he was just going to go back to the shop. But Korgul does not know this.
Brendan ruled that nonlethal attacks meant that our damage die went down one category. I’m sure there must be more specific rules.

But we is still better than them. Oneovvem gets beaten up pretty bad and I lets ‘im run off. The uvver two lasts a bit longer, but when they is pretty much on their last legs I fretens ’em and they runs off too. They will ‘ave trouble explaining themselves, cause they ‘ave mostly bruises, not cuts onnem. Wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

The intimidate thing is coming together nicely. I think it needs to make sense in-game, but in this scenario it did.

There’s a bit of a crowd outside. Mandor tries to explain fings, but no-one belives ‘er, so I just tellem the brofel is shut for the evening and closes the door. Me an Baedryn stay to guard the place and the rest you know. I tells me other sister to take a message, but I get no respect from ‘er. So we pays one of the other girls to do it.

A little bit of hilarity at the table. I was rolling 16s and 15s on the intimidate checks to run off the armoured dudes with swords, but when Korgul brandished the goblin’s pimp rod at his sister, rolled a 1. Ain’t it just the way?

I dunno what Rob wants to do wiv the place. It’s big, it’s in a good location. If ‘e wants to make a legit business out of it, though, I say ‘es got no hope as long as ‘e lets my mum and sisters stay there. They been working the sheets a long time. Just saying.

The pimp hat grants +2 to intimidate and a reroll on a bluff check (probably once a day). This gives Korgul a +16 on intimidate, which is pretty damn good. The pimp cane is a 5th-level rod implement. If a bard can use it, then Amanda’s character should have it. There was also some gold – perhaps I should not take a share of that if I am taking an item? I’ll discuss it on the mailing list.

Whores, man. They are all whores.

26 February, 2012

Just a quick one.

At the Durham, outside area. Having a beer. Chick approaches me – not terribly bad looking. Dressed up for the night out. Hello, are you having a nice time. 30 seconds of pleasant banter.

Oh, and do you have a cigarette?

Meanwhile, over at the nudie bar in Mitchell the dancers will come over and chat to you. After slightly longer than 30 sec, they’ll ask you to get them a vodka & soda, or G&T, or some other clear drink. Unknown to you, the drink comes from the special bottle and is just water. You pay 10, the girl gets 5. That’s what you pay in a nudie bar for a few minutes chat with a mostly naked young lady.

Same thing.

Same thing.

They wants payin’, and that’s all there is to it.

Whores, man. They are all whores.

GG4 Week 3 – Chimera pays me back

24 February, 2012

“Uncle Korgul! Uncle Korgul! A story!”
“Well, don’t the time just fly, eh? Wots it to be this week, then? You want to hear about when we turned over the castle?”
“Chimera – tell us about when he paid you back.”
“Chimera. Well, ok kids”

Paul as Korgul – Half-orc Rogue
Winky as Proxy – Shardmind Psion
Nick as Kuraz – Goliath Weapons Master
Drewf as Chimera – Elf Seeker/Warlock
Resse as Mirokoth – Human Cleric

Troof is, it ain’t all that much of a story.

The recovery service lay low for abaht four weeks after we set fire to the university library. Chimera took the fall for that, which was nice of ‘im. Then once again there was two jobs going. There was one where some farmer ‘ad lost a pig, or summik. And there was another where some bad people ‘ad this thing wot the churches wanted us to recover so they could get rid of it.

Well, I wasn’t really up for any farming, ‘an this uvver job sounded more exciting ’cause I’d just been doing some quite odd jobs. So I joined Rob – the boss – on the artifact ‘an evil cultist job.

During downtime, Korgul had been “holding the bag” for any small job going. He’s keen to impove his skills. Brendan/Andrew awarded me 50 gp, which I wisely spent on a Cure Light potion. It was to come in handy.

On the night, we played out choosing which job we would go on. As Korgul, I asked “Is it likely to get violent?” about the second job, and at a reply of “well … yes” skipped over to join Brendan’s table, to general mirth. Out of character, I just wanted to roll some dice – Andrews game was going to be a bit more talky.

So anyway. The boss and five of uss went over to this ‘ouse wher they was on ‘olidays or summik, and the cultists were in there somewhere. They ‘ad guards at the front gate, nothing serious, but we decided it’d be simpler just ter nip over the wall. So we did, and in the back door as quick as yer can say it.

We wos looking for a particular wall in the ‘ouse which was a bit wider than it ort to be. We found it, an followed it upstairs to a room which – I forget, I fink it was a library or a trophy room or summik. There was a magic sword on a bracket on the wall and it looked a bit unhappy where it wos so one of us decided to ‘elp it out a little and grabbed it.

Anyway. There was a hidden stairway there behind a swiveling bookcase.

(It’s a bit of a cliche, kids, but a swivelling wall wiv good balance is a good secret door – it’s quiet, reliable, you can make it big enuf for anything you might want to put through it, and its easy to make a good one if yer puts in a little effort. Use agate for the bearing – it’s fairly cheap if yer not looking for gem quality, it polishes nice, and it comes in lumps big enuf ter be useful, ‘cos yer need a lump wot doesn’t ‘ave cracks init. Don’t use a bookcase to ‘ide the panel: everyone does that an it’s the first place everyone looks. And make dead sure it doesn’t scuff the floor when it turns – ‘alf circles in the floor next to a wall is a dead giveaway. So is a clear spot where all the rest of the wall ‘as junk stacked against it, which is anuvver reason why a library is a bad idea. Alcove in a ‘all wot ‘as a corner to ‘ide behind is the best place.)

Where wos I? Oh yeah – so behind the swiveling bookcase was a stairway leading dahn to the basement. So we went dahn the stairs.

We all ‘erd the chanting straight away, so as so as we gets near enough, I charges in. Which wos very, very, very stupid. After I charges in, a couple of the cult people blocks off the passage in and I’m in there on my own, facing this preist wiv all magic an stuff, as well as some archers.

Well, I stabs im, don’t I? I mean – I ‘ad to. And I stabs ‘im a bit more, but I gets hit by the archers an the priest does summik to be so I goes blind. I drinks me potion and goes looking for ‘im, but by the time I finds ‘im ‘as a bunch of arrows in ‘im and ‘es brown bread.

Haven’t played a striker before. According to the book, a striker rushes into combat and gets his rougey “first strike” bonus. Feh – not doing that again. I was down to 1 hp for a couple of rounds, which is a long time at the table.

So the boss grabs the thingummybob and we all ‘as a little rest. It was the first killing fight I ever been in, at the time. Seen a lot of bodies since then, kids, but they was the first. But all around the altar … actually, never mind kids – we’ll skip that bit.

Body parts / sacrifice remnants. Bendan was making it clear that these were Bad Guys. I think Korgul got lost telling his story, there. Ahh, reminiscence – thou seductress! But certain fings is not suitable bedtime stories for kids.

So. We finds anuvver door dahn there and opens it. It looks like this little room has anuvver entrance, eh? We decide to explore. Not sure why – we got wot we came for.

Well, this passage opened out into a room, and just as we walked in these other geezers walk in the uvver side. Mean lookin – like us, I suppose. I fink our boss an’ their boss ‘ad words, then it wos on, an I was fighting free of ’em – or maybe four of em, all at once. There was arrows an swords and spells, an then the floor started to collapse an the two bosses drop into a ‘ole. But theyre still fighting dahn there. I get ‘urt an everyfing goes black, but as I’m drifting off Mirokoth (‘o is a priest on our side – no, not father Michael, ‘e joined us much later) says summik magic an I’m back in the fight. An all the time the ‘ole in the floor is getting bigger.

Well, we are winning, and the uvver boss runs off and Chimera chases ‘im, and the uvver boss frows a dager wot slows Chimera down a treat. And ‘e escapes. We all get away from the ‘ole in the floor, after doing a quick recover and repurpose op on the other geezers.

Naah, we fell to discussin the loot. It’s a fine balance, kids: you want wots yours, but at the same time if a mate of yours ‘as a weapon wot is going to win a fight, it’s a good idea for ‘im to ave it. If there’s a nice bit ‘o armour, it’s usually a better idea for the ‘ealer to ave it than for yer to take it for yerself, even if its yours by right.

The sword went to Kuraz, I fink. But the dagger wot Chimera pulled out of is side was summik else. It wosn’t just regular loot – it ‘ad the biggest dragonshard wot I ‘ad ever seen. I seen bigger ones since, but it wos still a very nice dagger an’ I wanted it, ‘specially since I wos the only one there wot fights wiv a knife. On the uvver hand, Chimera wos saying as ‘e fished it out of ‘is own side, it wos ‘is, and it wos kind of hard to argue the point. Naah, no-one wants fings to get ugly, but they could ‘ave done.

But then ‘e as a thort, and ‘e offers it to me an says “Sorted?”, and I knew ‘e wos talking about that book I got from the library for ‘im. Well, it wosn’t wot I was expecting: I fort ‘e’d do some big favour for me some day. But on the other ‘and it wos just a bit ‘o burglary an only took a sec, and he was making a very fair offer: more than fair, judging by the size of those dragonshards. An I didn’t particularly need any specific favours done at the time. So after a mo, I says “sorted” an takes the dagger. An it wos very nice, an very magic. I sold it eventually, an got an even more powerful one wiv bigger dragonshards, but the one Chimera gave me came in very, very ‘andy for a long time.

Wot I’m telling yer, kids, is that it doesn’t pay ter be unreasonable wiv yer mates. Remember I said that priest wot blinded me wos dead an full of arrows when I could see ‘im again? It wos Chimera wot ad shot ‘im. ‘E saved my life, kids, just a couple of minutes before. Troof is: when ‘e offered me that dagger for ‘is book, he didn’t really owe me anyfing.

So, that’s all there wos to it. The boss dropped the artifact fing off at the nearest temple of the twelve, an the rest of us went back to the shop.

The ‘ouse is still there, but they’ve re-done it a couple of times since then, and it don’t look nuffink like wot it looked when we were there. We’ll do summik else tomorrer, ok? Nah go ter sleep and leave yer old uncle to fink abaht fings. I’ll still be ‘ere in the mornin.

A level 6 dagger! Hmm – actually, there’s not a lot that’s really good at level 6. I’ll go with Dynamic Dagger +2. As a minor action, change the weapon into a different weapon from any melee category. Serendipitously – that explains why the boss threw it: he used its power to make it a nicely balanced throwing dagger.

I’m finding the d4 damage die disappointing, so I’m thinking of taking the “use a heavy blade instead of a dagger” feat. I’ll lose the +1 to-hit that a brutal scoundrel gets with a dagger. If I also lose the +3 proficiency bonus then it won’t be worth it. I’ll have to check. In any case, this weapon will transform into a +2 sap, which could come in handy 🙂 .

SS Week 11 – Nkekkhi

23 February, 2012

The expedition is just about ready to leave, but the Pathfinder captain suggests that they find someone with a little more local knowledge. The hermit cleric of Gozreh, Nkekkhi, fits the bill. he sends them off to recruit him. Seeing as the group is a little light on grunt, he also sends a fourth member – a monk.

Andrew is back, this week – a monk makes far more sense in a jungle than an armoured fighter. A two-weapon ranger would also have worked, but monk it is.
As for ‘Nkekkhi’ – all pathfinder NPCs have K’s in the name. ‘Nkechi’ didn’t have enough, so we have added some.

Nkekkhi lives in a seaside cave in a limestone cliff, only accessible from below. The party pull up their boat onto the sand at the base, but between them and the hermit are a pair of giant crabs. Vik manages to scare off one with alchemical fire, but the other attacks and they kill it.

They approach the path up to the cliff. There is a conch shell at the base. They blow it. After a moment, the hermit emerges: “Who are you and what to you want?”

After some discussion, and a little jeering by Nkekkhi at the very idea of these tenderfeet traipsing through the jungle, he issues a challenge. After all: Gozreh might have different ideas to him. Two challenges, actually: the calling of water, and the challenge of wind.

The party decide to try the challenge of wind, first.

I’m going to fast-forward through this a bit.

The challenge of the wind is to get up to a pinnacle and pinch a feather of a Stormbird. The pinnacle, however is 500ft high and lashed with wind and seaspray.

So, they are making climb checks every round on a slippery surface buffeted with wind. That’s about 40-odd checks to climb. No freaking way.

They elect to have an air elemental carry Joseph to the top. It does so. At the top is a nest with five eggs. A minute of searching uncovers a suitable feather, and Joseph descends without attracting the attention of the stormbird.

At the base, however, they are confronted by five tribesmen who hold the bird sacred. They challenge the party to a select a champion for a wrestling match. Their new companion is selected. The party magic him up, which is almost certainly cheating, but whatever. A Grease spell means that he is in no danger of losing. The tribesmen permit the party to keep the feather, and also give them some lewts.

Nkekkhi takes their feather, and issues them with the challenge of water.

The challenge of water is straightforward. Go to a place where there are peals, and recover a black pearl. Simple enough – the villages are friendly, even helpful, and trade some equipment for mundane gear. The new guy is sent to go pearl diving file the party watches the float on the surface.

On the second dive however, the new guy is attacked by a kelpie. Enchanted, he is unable to call for help by tugging on the rope. As the kelpie attacks him, by some miracle he snaps out of it and ascends. He and Joshua dive, defeat the kelpie, and resume looking for a black pearl. Mission accomplished, they return back to Nkekkhi.

We finessed this; the characters have “action points”. Andrew had to spend all of his to escape this. The basic tactical error was sending someone down there alone. The kelpie’s power is to dominate one person once per day – being alone down there is pretty much a death sentence.

Their missions accomplished, Nkekkhi invited them into his cave and has them sit down while he performs a complex ritual. The ritual involves hallucinogenic mushrooms: the party find themselves on the Astral plane (or a pocket of it), in the form of various animal totems.

They see the while world of Golarion beneath them, and hover over the Mwangi expanse. But before the ritual is complete, they are attacked by a giant snake whom one of them recognises as Yazroth, the cleric of Ydersius who they failed to kill in the temple of Zura on Smuggler’s Shiv. As they defeat her in the spirit realm, she replays the “death” of Ydersius – her head cut off.

They return from their journey unharmed. Nkekkhi is convinced that it is the will of Gozreh that he accompanyy them on their quest. They have a guide.

In town, New Guy and Jericho are treated for the disease they acquired from the coral. And they do a little shopping. But the caravan departs in two days, and they must set out and begin trailblazing tomorrow.

Yay! Traipsing across the plains to Kalabuto. No Worries!

GG4 – Week 2

15 February, 2012

Awl right kids. Now put the cat out – your mum will Tom Tit bricks when she gets back if she finds out I been lettin you set light to animals in the ‘ouse. Settle down and I’ll tell you about the time Chimera found ‘is book.

D. P.

  • Nick as Kuraz – Goliath Fighter.
  • Amanda as Mandor – Human Bard.
  • Winky as group conciousness of no name – Shardmind something.
  • Drewf as Chimera – Elf Warlock.
  • Paul as Korgul – Half-Orc Rogue.


  • Daniel as various NPCs, including Jimmy.

DMmed by Brendan.

It wos abaht two weeks after the first job they sent us out on anavver one. Two groups were being sent out – one to case the Festival of Shadows, and one for anuvver pick-up job at the university. Now, I went strite for the pick-up job, as the festival wos in a part of town that I didn’t want to be visiting so soon after leavin.

The festival was in the entertainment and (ahem) red-light district, where Korgul grew up.

So about five of us went to the Edderly Forest, which is where the elfs live. Nah, I dahnt wants ta say anyfink negative about the elfs, except they is weird. But not as weird as sum of us. Cos wun of us was like this fing made all out of dragonshards, wot only talked by telepathy. Takes a bit ‘o getting used to, that. Give yer a bit of a headache at first.

Anyway. This other geezer from the shop wos wiv us – Jimmy, oo ad done this sort of fing before, and he was along to make sure we didn’t muck it up too bad.

So we got to the forest, and there was this ‘ouse Phiarlain bloke there (no, he wasn’t … actually yes, he wos – ‘e wos dressed like a clown) and he gave us a map of the premises wot we were to surreptitiously remove some certain paperwork from.

So we went by the thieves ‘ighway and came up right inside the university, in a cleaners closet.

Nah, there wos a bit of a party or summik going on just outside the door, so quick as you like I put on a cleaner’s vest, grabbed a mop and bucket, an opened the closet.

We ‘ad come up in a toilet (no, not in a actual toilet, like – I told youse it was a closet, you should pay attention when yer old uncle is telling yer stories) and sum of the students were ‘aving a bit of party. An they were real drunk – drunk as lords, which I suppose some of ’em might ‘o been.

Well one of em tries to get chummy wiv me, but I growls at ‘im, like this


an shows ‘im my teef a bit, and fretten ‘im wiv my mop an bucket, and ‘e backs off. The rest of us come up through the closet and everyone sort ‘o works their way through the crowd.

Korgul’s only social skill is intimidate. Everyone else got through with bluff and diplomacy. Korgul’s method of detaching the over-friendly student involved liberal use of the f-word, wot is not suitable language for the delicate shell-pink ears of his audience

Anyway. We ‘ad to get to the room of some professor wot ‘ad absent-mindedly left certain documents in ‘is personal safe. The staff residences were just a bit over the way, so we went there.

We decided that quickest way would be to nip up to the second floor an in froo a window. It was at about this time that I realised that a couple of us wos wearing full plate armour, which can be a bit of a ‘indrance on a pick-up job. I climbed up an went froo the window, and dropped a rope. Chimera came up it, and we decided between us that it might be a good idea to get the swag ourselves while people wos sorting out the whole business of climbing a rope while wearing full plate armour.

The campaign is set in a local thieves guild in Wroat, and people build heavy fighters. 😐

Chimera and I manage to find the room wivvout waking up the whole floor, and he checks it for magic before I goes in. Jimmy is wiv us, which is good, because we don’t spot the picture where the safe is (I never seen a professor’s room before – there wos all kinds of stuff in there).

Now, Jimmy is there to pick the safe, but I asks to ‘ave a go at it first. I have a go, but I don’t gets it open. But Jimmy tells me wot to do and I as anuvver go and it pops open just like it should.

With respect to character development, Korgul was keen to make a good impression on Jimmy, and succeeded. Some good rolls off my green d20.

So we got the swag, everyone is out, and we could go ‘ome. Except Chimera wants to visit the library, doesn’t ‘e? I don’t like it, but everyone else want to go, so I tags along.

So we goes into the library. It’s abaht two hours to dawn but the place is open an’ no-one in there but a couple of constructs. Turns out they are the librarians, wot ‘elp you find the books you want. Chimera goes off looking for sumpink, and eveyone else decide to ‘ave a brows too, because what els are you going to do in a library? I found a book wiv big vicious animals in there. There was this one wiv free ‘eads, and sum dragons, an this one wiv all teef wot burrows through the ground and then comes up and bites yer, anj a chicken wot turns yer into stone if yer looks at it, an …

I’ll skip the whole list, although the kids find it entertaining. I think Korgul may have made up one or two of the entries.

After a bit, Chimera is tryin to borrow a couple of the books. O’ course, the constructs won’t lettim. ‘E as to ‘ave a library card. So I suggest to ‘im that just over in student residences there is a bunch of dead-drunk students and they wouldn’t mind if we temporarily borrowed one of thiers. So we ‘eads over to the students dorm to do a bit ‘o that.

I suggests that we orta make it look like a prank, and knock someone out an paint ‘im blue. Or pink. We ‘ead back to the cleaner’s closet, but there is only white paint in there. So maybe we should find someone black ‘an paint ‘im white. Or a gnome, because ‘e deserves it for being a gnome.

(Never trust a gnome, kids. Every larst one of ’em is a dirty, twisty little pervert wiv insects in ‘is ears. If ever a gnome arsts yer ter look in ‘is ears, dahnt do it. Dunk ‘im in water an shake ‘im, cos the filfy little fings ‘ate bein clean.)

But it turns out the students sleep four to a room, so it could get a bit tricky. So insteads I just sneaks in and opens up a footlocker and tries to find a library car ter bowwow.

Well, I alf wakes one of ’em up, and I as ter leave. But after a mo he settles dahn and Chimera nicks in and ‘as a shufty, and finds one. We ‘eads back ter the library.

But ‘o course, is face doesn’t match wots on the card. So we decide to just staight-up nick the book. E ‘as two ovvem – a big one an a small one. E give the small one to the shardmind fing ‘oping that – I dunno – if it’s sort of all in shards an stuff then the librarians wont notice. But they do, an alarms go off an all kinds ‘o stuff, so it decides to leg it. The librarians case after it.

Meanwhile, the other book Chimera wanted is just sittin there, and the librarians ‘ave PO’d, so I took it. This wos a mistake, becos the librarians weren’t all that wos protecting the books. These dog constructs come out and tries to grab me, but I is too quick for ’em. Kuraz also ‘as a book, and one of ’em grabs ‘im. But anuver one of us ‘its all the dogs wiv a burst attack, and it lets go, but arf a mo later the bloodly things blows up, which strikes me as an extremely silly way to protect a library. I would ‘ave thort something wiv cold might ‘ave been better, and it would double as a fing for if the place catches on fire.

Anyway. I bloody legs it (yer won’t tell yer mum I said that, will yer kids?) and so does everyone else. We all ‘eads back to the dorms and tells the students to run outside an ‘elp with the fire, and then back to the closet and onto the thieves ‘ighway.

When we get back, I gives Chimera ‘is uvver book and tells ‘im ‘e owes me a favour. You ‘ave to keep track ‘o that sort of fing. Everyone doing little favours and paying ’em back is wot makes the world go round.

An that’s ‘ow Chimera got ‘is book. Naah – I’ll tells yer about how ‘e paid me back some uvver day. Ow would yer like to take a day trip to the university? I’ll show yer the book wiv the scary animals in it, eh?

SS Week 10 – Eleder

12 February, 2012

We are running Serpent’s Skull again – just while Andrew is away for three weeks. Unfortunately I was ill Friday, so it’s only going to be two weeks of actual game.

Our heroes, their number sadly depleted with only Vick, Alison, and Joseph remaining – disembark gratefully at the small city of Eleder. Jewel of the south. Not a particularly good jewel, but jewel nonetheless.

They have a few items of business to pursue. Although Vik can read Yarzoth’s notes, the dialect and phrasing are so strange that she will need help decoding them further. They find an inn, they shop, they decode. On the second or third day in town they are approached by Ishoru, who they rescued from the island. He comes with word that the local branch of the Aspis Consortium would like a meeting. They agree.

It seems that word of the rediscovery of Saveth Yhi has got about, and the consortium are arranging an expedition. They would like the heroes to act as scouts and trailbreakers. They offer 500gp each and 1000gp (total) once the city is rediscovered.

The party agree to consider the offer. Next day, Joseph goes looking for some of his old fishing buddies. One (ahem) free trader is particularly keen, and would like to loot Saveth Yhi and purchase and outfit ships with the loot.

After this, offers come think and fast: the red mantis, even the local government are all keen. The only group that does not contact the party are the pathfinders. Our heroes decide to seek them out instead. With five offers on the table, the party manages to negotiate up to a 2000gp prize, and decides eventually to go with the pathfinders – perhaps because they are most likely to have a clue what they are doing.

The translation of the notes is done, and they are quite thoroughly complete.

It seems that the cultists of Zura had been ejected from Saveth Yhi ages ago. They found an old temple of the serpent people on what is now Smugglers Shiv and settled there. The tide stones were old magic by the time they got there – the temple had long been unused. They always planned to return, and the notes on their walls (copied by Yazroth) explained exactly how. Saveth Yhi was hidden, but there was a route in. They would make their way to Tazion, and there make use of “The Pillars of Light”.

The notes provide a decent indication of the location of Tazion. Amivor Glaur has made his plan – the expedition will head east to Kalabuto, then follow the Upper Korir River around the Bandau Hills to the location of Tazion. Once there – well, it depends on what these “Pillars of Light” might be.

Each hex is about one day of travel

The pathfinder expedition is about ready to go. The party are heading down to the warehouse when: chaos on the streets! A pack of mad dogs is on the loose. The party deal with them, not without incident, and then see a plume of smoke. The warehouse is on fire! They run there, and outside throwing alchemists fire on the blaze are a couple of men.

The fight is difficult, but over quickly. Soon the blaze is under control. But the leader of the expedition, Amivor Glaur, has bad news. This fire had been set by the Brootherhood of Freemen – an anti-slavery group made of ex-slaves, and they have kidnapped the expedition’s cook. This is bad news, far worse than it seems, as cooks who can make use of jungle plants without accidentally poisoning everyone are hard to find. The Freemen have siezed the South Arcadian Whaling Company and ntaken their hostage there. Our heroes hustle over without delay.

At the company, one of the slaves is on the roof of one of the buildings and he has the cook! He is addressing a crowd of cityfolk just outside the wall. The party attempt to talk him down, but he retreats down from the roof and they lose sight of him.

They do a brief reconnoiter, but speed being of the essence simply barge in the front door. Two freemen keeping guard just inside defend, and are dealt with – without deaths, I might add. They head into the open yard, where the whales are dragged up from the beach. After a moment, they are spotted. The leader throws the cook to the ground from the first flooy of the flensing house, and he is badly hurt. The leader then jumps down himself to engage the party, while I think Vik rushed forward to administer a lifesaving potion to the irreplaceable cook.

I was doing real XP for this campaign – but screw it. The party ought to be 4th level, and the module works accordingly. I adjusted the stats of the fighters and reduced the numbers because we have only three players. It was still a tough fight. Next game people can level up.

There is a fight, and the party triumph – amazingly managing to defeat the uprising without any deaths (or possibly just one).

After, they discuss. It seems the freemen had been told that “these foreigners” – the party – were slavers. Or pro-slavery, or something. By whom? Well, there’s not a lot to go on. But the descriptions all seem to point to that longtime deadly rival of the Pathfinders – The Aspis Consortium.

Duh duh duh! It’s whacky races time! First to Tazion gets sweet, sweet loot. Or possibly gets bitten by an angry serpent god and dies horribly. Who knows? Departure in a few days. Next stop: Kalabuto. Then through the Screaming Jungle to Tazion. Hopefully.

Everyone needs to level up to 4th.

PS: dudes – The soul gems inside the dolls are worth 2000gp each. The church in town will pay you that to take them off your hands for proper de-necrofication.

GG4 Week 1 – Well ‘Ello me little darlins

7 February, 2012

The kids were nearly bouncing around the room. Mother was just about at the end of her tether. “Quiet, children! It’s bedtime!”. “A story! A story!” they caroled in reply. She looked across to the room’s other occupant, an old half-orc. He grinned, exposing his lower canines – too long to be teeth, too short to be true tusks – and replied “Of course, dahlin. Always ‘appy to oblige. Nar you two terrors get yerslves inter bed, and yer old uncle Korgul will tell yer a bit of a story. Hows about I tells yer abaht me very first job?”

The kids ran over to kiss their mother goodnight. She shot Korgul a dissaproving look: “nothing too bloodthirsty, now”. “Strite up!”, he replied, “I’ll just give ’em a little tale wiv all them nasty, nasty violent bits taken out I promise. Would I tell a fib to yer, now?”

Rolling her eyes, mother shooed him away. The children climbed into their beds at the far end of the common room, and Korgul sat. “Now settle down for a minit, and lets see if yer uncle can remember. It was all a long, long time ago now. I fink it was a bit like this:”

Nar, after I got out a prison, I went strite dahn the tavern and went lookin for the geezer wiv the dabber on is neck, like smiley told me. And there he was, sure enough. Big bastard ‘e was too. He told me to be at “The Chatty Bard” in free days time. So I showed up, rite as rain, and the place was full of geezers I never met before. Uncle Dave was there, and uncle Jeff. O’ course, they weren’t called that back then. But that’s where I met ’em for the very, very first time. And some of yer other uncles and aunties, too.

So this other geezer gets up on the steps and says he ‘as two jobs going, and would we like to do ’em. Well, the money was good, so naturally we was keen to ‘ear wot the jobs was.

Andrew and dude (I have mentioned, many times, that I completely suck at people’s names) are running the campaign, and are going the “split the group into two”. It worked great for Green Crane, and I’m glad to see it back. Just having that choice makes the whole thing instantly less railroady.

One of the jobs was to go into sum catecombs. Nah kids, I don’t want ta frighten yer, but catecombs is where they puts the dead people. Nah that’s awright: we all have to die sometime, yes – even yer uncle Korgul, one day. But thing is abaht ’em: sometimes the dead people don’t always stay exactly dead. Catecombs is a job for yer priests and church people, and I never been one o’ them.

But the other job was ter go up to a museum, and pick something up for a geezer. Which suits me dahn ter the ground. A little pick-up and delivery job.

The geezer was very particular. ‘E wanted us to walk strite in the front door, strite dahn the middle of the hall, and pick up one particular, specific object. ‘E told us that it was a “source of infinite power”, which is a bit of a leg-pull as anyone wiv a dictionary can quickly determine.

Well, only free of us really knew how ter go quiet (‘Ave you been practising yer quiet steps, like yer uncle showed yer? Good – yer good kids, aint ‘cher? You’ll make yer old uncle proud when yer grows up.) So me an Chimera an Ruz went off dahn ter the museum for the pick up.

So, we are building characters for a “Wroat thieves guild” scenario, and it turns out only 3 of us have stealth, and of those three only mine has training in thievery … hang on: Jez, that change you made on the day – if your character is a rogue then training in thievery is not optional, you can’t swap it out.

Anyway. I had wanted to make my dude a basher, but he may wind up being the thieves guild’s only actual thief.

Well, we got to the square outside the museum, and why do you know if it aint full of bleeding students: right toffs, most of ’em. Some sort of graduation party. We ‘ad a bit of a chat abaht wot to do. Well, wot I means is we started to ave a bit of a chat, but the place was full o’ pigs on account of all the dips workin the place last year. An the fights. So we got moved on and we ‘ad our chat walkin.

We fort maybe we could make a distraction – start a fight, maybe, or just set light to sumpin. Auntie Ruz was wiv us, done up as a very nice-lookin ‘uman lass. She woz a bit of a toff ‘erself and could ‘ave started a fight easy enough. But our boss was also a bit particular that we shouldn’t ‘urt anybody more than strictly necessary, so instead we just snuck up ter the front door of the museum. I fink I ballsed it up, but naffink came of it.

There wos a golem outside oos job was to say “Welcome to the museum!” as loud as ‘e bloody could when someone walked by. We wos a bit startled by this, and we were there after hours, but ‘e didn’t do anyfink else so we left ‘im alone. The front door was locked, seeing as our boss ‘ad ad a momentary mental blank and forgot to give us the key. But yer old uncle Korgul took care of that, no trouble at all.

Inside was just the front bit and sum rat traps, wot we just stepped around. Then there was the door to the inside, which yer uncle took care of again.

Well strike me pink if there wosn’t arf a dozen little display cases wiv glowing fings innum. They looked like they was worf a fortune each. I was so busy lookin I didn’t see the floor wos covered in pressure plates – lucky for me someone else did. I fink it was Chimera, but I’m not sure.

Anyway. After a mo we could tell every second tile was a plate. There was these stone statues dahn the side of the ‘all and we fort it would be a bit of a bad idea to get close to em. So I set to work wedging the plates dahn the middle of the ‘all, cos the particular object we was after was right at the end.

(Yer always carry a bit ‘o this and a bit ‘o that on a job. Most traps are all the same, on account of people usually copy sumpin that works, instead ‘o risking sumpin new. Yer want some wedges, a fair bit ‘o strong cord, coated leather gloves and sum ‘eavy copper wire for electrics. Yell yer wot: I’ll bring me old kit next time I visit, if yer mum tells me yer been good.)

So I wedged abaht free o these plates, me mates following up behind, except for Chimera o was a archer. Just going up the middle. The boss didn’t want us touching’ nuffink else, and we decided to behave ourselves for this first job and we did as we was told.

After a bit, I worked out that I could just step around the plates from where I was wivout getting near the statues and just lift the swag we were after. Well, wouldn’t yer know it. The reason there was a parf was because at that point the pattern of traps changed and I stepped right on top of one of ’em, didn’t I?

So all the statues come alive, and one statue in particular comes very alive. At which point, bugger keeping it quiet. I always liked a bit of a mix up, anyway.

The big statue comes after me, I suppose cos I’d been clumsy and stupid enough to step on sumpin I ortnt. Always be first to admit yer mistakes kids, and then dahn’t do it again (a lot o people forget that second bit).

Ruz decides to just do a snatch and runs past four of the other statues to get to the swag, and they bash ‘im a treat. ‘E gets to the case, and then won’t open it because if it blows up or sumpin it’ll knock I’m out. ‘E as a breather for a moment.

While this is going on, I pulls me dabber and starts on this big statue. Right in the works, I get ‘im.

I screwed up my powers on the night. I have a power that targets AC but you get a sneak attack even if you don’t have CA, and a power that targets reflex but you need CA to get sneak attack. I was taking the best of both – targeting reflex and applying sneak attack. The fight was easier than it should have been for that reason.

The other two were knocking dahn the statues, so I went for the swag. Broke the case. I was expecting sumpin nasty when I did, and this thing dropped out of the ceiling. It wos sumpthing with, like, mental powers. Sometimes I’d swing at it but hit sumpthing else instead.

It had an immediate interrupt: redirect an opponent’s attack. But I had a stance active: attack an opponent as an immediate interrupt when it attacked. So in effect it was negating one attack per round, but Korgul was getting two attacks per round by way of his daily. When it was Korgul’s turn to have a regular attack, it had already expended its interrupt.

But I ‘ad the swag at that point so I just legged it. One of the other two wos in trouble, so I ran over and jammed up the construct wot was being difficult by sticking my dagger in it repeatedly.

After a mo we was all done. Nothing moving, and we ‘ad the swag. Then some geezer dropped clear dahn from the ceiling to the floor, blocking our exit.

It was the boss. ‘E gave us a little clap for our efforts – the ‘ole bloody thing was some sort ‘o test. All the swag was fake. We ‘ad ballsed up the “keeping it quiet” bit, but ‘e seemed ‘appy enough regardless. We wos accepted, and we moved inter the shop. The catacombs was a setup, too. Anuvver construct. But the money was real enuf for all of us.

And that’s how I got my start at the recovery service. How’s about we go pay the museum a visit tomorrow, eh? I’ll show yer where everything was.

Fun times. And a good start to the season.