Well, Manda’s game went just fine. Jack sound-blasted some skellingtons, and did a kill-steal on evil cultist #3. The bardic song actually made a difference on a couple of rolls, which is the whole point. I won’t be participating long-term, but seeing as I have run AoW it wouldn’t really be feasible. Looking forward to running Korgul in Andrew’s game.

Other Andrew (Friday Andrew) is off on business, so I shall be running Serpent’s Skull for the three weeks for the Friday guys. The team has escaped from Smuggler’s Shiv and has Yarzoth’s notes regarding the location of the fabled city Saveth Yhi. But the notes are not only in Aklo, but in an obscure, archaic dialect. Plus: the party really doesn’t have means to mount an expedition. Perhaps selling the notes might be the best thing. But first order of business will no doubt be cashing in loot and gearing up.

But the big news is RokCon @ Caloola farm. I’ll be playing in the games, but I am also running a LARP set in the Paranoia universe. A team of troubleshooters is dispatched to perform routine maintenance on a climate control unit. It is completely safe, and will be fun. The Computer says so, and The Computer is your friend.

How did I wind up becoming involved in running a LARP? Well … Matt ran Angel of Prague a few months back – the second live game I have ever been in. I wondered if it would theoretically be possible to set a game in – let’s get crazy – Paranoia. I tossed around some ideas. A few weeks later, Matt said he was putting on RokCon and oh by the way would I be interested in running my game. (!) As you’d expect, Matt is actually doing most of the work of writing the damn thing.

I do hope it doesn’t suck. I have props – the air conditioner itself, the crypto unit, some mini-blasters, experimental weapon R-MTY-17, security tape. Matt is doing the overalls. Didn’t manage to arrange the fun-paks, either. Hope the players bought some, or else they will be on report for insubordination pretty much straight away. (A fun-pak is a pack for fun. The fun is mandatory, citizen.) And I should probably bring my drill – but I don’t want to carry too much junk. Oh: and I printed off some treason report and authorisation for termination forms. Just in case.

So. Another big weekend. There’s a kitchen there. Has Matt organised food, or should I also bring sausages?


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