SS Week 12 – The M’neri plains

At first light our heroes take their leave of Eleder, and set out 2 days in advance of the main convoy for Kalabuto. The travel the M’neri plains.

It is not long – only 3 days – before they face their first challenge: a mighty T-Rex!

The module does not contain anything definite about how often you roll for random encounters. I’m rolling twice a day and doing an encounter on a 0 on d10. First encounter, I roll up what it is and get a 99. Extra fun times.

It charges without hesitation. But Alison summons dogs to distract it, and the Monk’s cheese is equal to its blows. After a lengthy combat, they reduce it and loot the corpse.

Andrew’s monk is now a “master of many styles” lizard man. Crane style means that when fighting defensively, he deflects one melee weapon attack per round. A tyrannosaurus’ bite is a natural weapon, and counts.
A slam attck, however, is not a “melee weapon attack”. Neither is a bull rush or other combat maneuvers. This will become significant.

They continue on. On the 10th day, the road veers north around a line of hills. To the south, old signs indicate that there is a mine. Nkekchik guesses that the mine probably goes all the way under the hills, and that the route would save days of travel.

While considering this, they are confronted by a young woman and her pet. The woman speaks polyglot and is convinced the party are dinosaur hunters. The party badly bungles the diplomacy, and the fresh T-Rex tooth hanging around the lizardman’s neck does not help matters. She attacks. They knock her unconscious and tie her up, but with enough slack that she will be able to get out in a few minutes.

They head into the mine, which turns out to be a salt mine – strata of salt in the walls, and muddy, briny sludge underfoot with well-preserved wooden walkways: enough for mining carts, and sufficient for a caravan. They are attacked by an ooze, which they deal with easily. Then they are molested by groups of odd undead – crusted with salt, they draw the water out of the character’s bodies. There are two, three, four groups. One attacks after they find the old pay chest. One collapses the roof.

Eventually they reach a strange, blue, glowing orb pulsing with negative energy. Something begins to emerge, and they hit it with everything they have. Vik scores a splendid hit, and within moments whatever it was is no more.

On the ground lie two bodies. About the neck of one is a still-shiny pay-chest key. And about the other, a locket containing anb engraving of a kindly-looking man holding his infant daughter.

They continue to the end of the mine without incident, and break out into daylight.

And do not unravel the mystery of the locket. Oh well.

Two days later towards evening they meet a caravan traveling in the opposite direction. Taking the opportunity to rest for the night in a larger croup, they join. There is a cockfight, and Joseph is keen to wager.

His chosen bird does well, so well that the organiser of the event accuses him of cheating. There is a fight between the party and the bouncers, and the crowd around goes wild gambling. They defeat the bouncers, get their wager and winnings, and in the morning head onward.

Kalabuto is still another week and a half of travel away, if all goes well.

One Response to SS Week 12 – The M’neri plains

  1. jvsulliv says:

    I had a good laugh. I had the exact same thing happen with the T-Rex last month third day out they ran into one, though I was only rolling once per day (Not fond of railroad type campaigns and like to get through it as quickly as possible) anyway it charged up took a bite out of Nkekchik grabed him then swallowed on the next round before proceeding to the next PC, though due to a failed will save became nauseated and puked up the dead cleric and dying PC. It was fun watching them scamble around without a guide.

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