GG4 Week 6 – An interlude

Well, kids – them is the city gates. Ave a good look. An that road goes all the way ter Sharn, the big city. Wot? O’ course I been out o’ the city! ‘Eaps o’ times!

Jez as Ruz, Changeling Assassin
Reese as Mirokoth, HUman Cleric
Nick as Kruz, Goliath Fighter
Drewf as Chimera, Elf Swordmage

First time eva wos onna job. But there’ ain’t much ter say abaht it. There was two jobs, same as always. One ovvem was artificers an magic an fings. Uvver wos some goblins stole summik and we ‘ad ter go get it back.

So I went ter go beat up sum goblins, and they was a few miles down this road ‘ere. It’s orl farms for miles around, but there’s a couple ‘o spots where ther is still woods, and the goblins wos in oneovvem. There wos some guards on the door, and we beat ’em up. Oh – they ‘ad these plants that were sorta vines wiv orl spikes onnem. Nasty and poisonous – yer dahn’t wonnem ter scratch yer. But we was orlright.

Inside wos a chief goblin an some uvver ones. We beat em up, and recovered the sword wot they stole. An that wos that.

Naaah, kids – the sword went back ter the customer, and I fink ‘e wos pleased ter ‘ave it ‘ome. Family piece, or summik. Nah let’s get you two back ‘ome before sunset. Quick as yer like! Up on the roofs – I’ll be the watch, and you can try and dodge me! Ready, set … ay! I ‘avent said go yet!

They learns quick at their age.

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