So the sluts are coming out marching again, apparently. A Canadian police officer said, “I’ve been told I’m not supposed to say this – however, women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised”, and the grrrls are outraged. Outraged, I tells ya!

Thing is, you can tell that these walks are pro-establisment. How? No cops beating people. No teargassin. No tazing. No people being bludgeoned into a bloody mess and then packed twenty at a time into paddy wagons. No being held fifty to a cell for two weeks and then being released without charge.

You know. None of the usual.


Because the slutwalk is at its core a plea for more police, more security, more big, strong, safe men to keep an eye on every little thing that everyone does. Perhaps a woman should be able to dress in heels and nets and go where she likes without harassment or risk. But be that as it may, the only way to make it happen is more surveillance, more cameras, more locking down the police state.

There was never yet a cop who didn’t think that having a bunch more cops wasn’t a good idea. There was never yet a prison guard who didn’t feel, deep down, that the world would be a better place if everyone were in prison. And their bosses and boss’ bosses feel pretty much the same way. That’s why they are more than happy to let these marches, alone of all similar offences against public order, proceed without state-initiated violence.

Slutwalk is a demand for more paternalism.

2 Responses to Slutwalk

  1. … & you say that like it’s a BAD thing?! At least you didn’t tout the WHORE word about again – People in glass houses, & all that! 😛

  2. linda jane says:

    I just don’t get that aspect of feminism that claims women should be able to dress like prostitutes and still be respected by men. Why should men respect them when they clearly have no self-respect? Its just buying into the raunch culture which is mysoginistic at its core.

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