GG4 Week 7 – a little downtime

Week off, this week. I ran a delve, which was fun. By which I mean, it was a TPK. Daniel somehow has managed once again to build an entirely legal monster freak powerful character. But not enough, not enough, when it’s three characters without a healer against a room full of vampires.

Korgul has been taking items instead of his split of the lewt and so has been running short of cash. Turns out I have not been taking the 100gp per job into account. Fixed that – he now has the correct treasure. And a hat.

Oh, and “Versatile Duelist” feat, which is extra fun with the dynamic dagger. I ran the numbers through excel. Even with a -2 to attack, broadsword does the most DPS. (-1 because you lose the brutal scoundrel dagger bonus, -1 because there’s a +2 instead of a +3 proficiency bonus on a broadsword). Scimitar is slightly better against things with a very high AC – things that you need an 18 to hit. But if you are up against something that you need an 18 to hit, you’re screwed and an extra 1.5 hp per round isn’t going to help.

A half-orc walks into a small but overflowing workshop.

“Business or pleasure?”
“Always a pleasure, Biggles, but yeah – I came in abaht some armour.”
“Ooch, I was wondering when you would. You know you have about three hundred gold on account?”
“Well, nah, I didn’t know. Which is why I have been wading into fights wearing this.”

Korgul dumps a sack onto the bench, and hauls out pieces of hardened leather. Biggles casts a professional eye over them.

“Well, laddie, there’s nothing much wrong with that. One or two notches, but nothing serious. I can easily add a little magic if you like.”
“Yeah, fanks. Wot do you fink you can do?”
“Well, you have enough gold for a basic dragonshard, and enough for a little bit extra. More if you traded in that dagger.”
“Naaw. I’m growing attached to it. Watch this:

Korgul staps back and draws a dagger from his belt. A flicker of motion, and suddenly he is holding a four and a half foot long broadsword.

“Nice, eh? Also works as a can opener if yer gives it a minit ter recharge. Where does the extra steel come from?”
“Dynamic weapon. The extra steel is conjured matter – it evaporates after a bit, which I’m sure you’ve noticed. Don’t you find a broadsword is a little clumsy for you?”
“Dunno wot yer talking about. I been practising. Nah worries.”

Biggles reaches to a shelf and pulls down a large book. Inside are pages and pages of arcane diagrams and spells, the diagrams overwritten with detailed notes on the position of each line and circle, and precise measurements of the positioning of dragonshards to be embedded as part of the enchantment.

“Well Korgul, I can do you any one of these – you can buy a 2-grain khyber shard with what you have. Plus labour, of course.”
“Of course. Oooh – that could come in ‘andy.”
“A little out of your price range, lad.”
“Oh. Yeah, awlright. Ow about this one? Replusion? For when I is getting mobbed.”
“Must be your personality, eh? Repulsion it is. Come back in four days.”
“Four days? I would av fort you could knock one of these out in a hour!”
“You’re not my only customer, Korgul. Just my ugliest. Four days.”

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