GG4 Week 8 – foreplay

After a break, our DMs are back and have prepared the next adventure. I’ll let Korgul tell it
I’ll cut this short – didn’t work on the webpage this week.

The great airship job? Well, that wos a long time ago kids. A long story, too.

Well, ok.

Back in the day, House Lyrandar would host a month-long party on an airship – they called it “race to Passage”. They’d from ‘ere to the ruin of Passage an’ back. Took abaht a month.

Thing is, kids, it was all politics. A lot of the top nobs from all the houses were on that ship. They’d be fightin’, duelin’, all kinds of stuff.

Naah this geezer from phiarlain – the same as the one for the university job – ‘e wanted us to recover a certain item what wos going to be on the ship. So we wos going to ‘ave her be onnit.

We split up inter team. Arf of us woes going to try to get on as waiters and staff, the uvver arf wos going to try to get on as security. I chose security, which might ave been a mistake, cos I fink I’d make a good waiter an wouldn’t ave been as obvious.

Anyway. House Lyranar wos trying out security teams – they weren’t interested in individuals. And they were going to pick their teams by way of a fight. Oh – and they checked us for ‘aving good manners, wot is important if yer is being a bouncer for nobs.

There was free uvver teams. There was a necromancer and sum undead, and we rushed ’em and had ’em dahn in no time. (Nahh kids, it was her first blood – no one wos getting permanently ‘urt). Second team wos sum orcs, ‘oo wos tough. Yer uncle Korgul took dahn the leader, but ‘e got me as well and we bof ‘ad ter leave the ring. Then it was a bit of a drawn-out fight what we eventually won.

Final team was gnomes, and those tricky little bastards were good. The kept going invisible. Two off ’em mugged me strite up – did’nt get a shot in. The fight went for a while, but they wos always going her win it.

But we got lucky. They decided that the gnomes weren’t right for the job, and they offerd ’em a different one. We wos in.

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