GG5 Prequel (continued)

In game terms, the characters tomorrow are not the same people as will be in the campaign – they are just a group of adventurers who hopefully don’t get killed in the course of discovering something that sets up a little bit of relevant history.

The party for the prequel is a gang of bounty hunters operating locally, if that makes sense. In the nature of a posse – I’f thinking the sheriff has just got some fellas together and sent them to go hunt down Capt’n Jacquilne Martin, aka “Red Jack:”. (It was going to be Jacques, but the mini I found is female, so now Red Jack is a she.).

The party is sailing a Pinnace, as per the rules in “Stormwrack” – a 3.5 supplement with usable rules. It’s a small, two masted boat – technically you could sail long distance in it..

Red Jack was rumoured to be seen on the indicated island, and that’s where the party have just hauled ashore. A bigger version of the map is on my blog

A hex is one league, or 3nm. The pinnace makes 3 knots (the prevailing wind is ENE ), so the archipelago is about a day’s sailing end to end. A league is also the distance to the horizon for a one-square-high person standing at sea level (distance is proportional to the square root of the height).

Red Jack is wanted dead or alive for piracy and murder. Track her down, and capture or kill her.

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