Kingmaker. Cold, or what?

2012-0427 Cloudarc expedition

We follow the pilgrim’s trail up the spine of the ranges. The trail is old but usable. Rainor appears to be skilled with the terrain – I belive our maps are accurate. We rely on a Wand of Endure Elements.

TODO – what pilgrims? What gods/practises? What time/era? Connected to Lake Silverstep itself? Legendary origin of the lake – a literal footprint from one of the dragons that made the world. Connected to the frozen dragon above Giacomo’s Rest? Must see that for myself, take notes.

Major interruption of the trail. A chasm crosses it – appears to have been deliberately done by godlike power. Est 3 miles wide, steep cliffs on the far side. Nearly impassible without flight.

The ranger’s companion (Intelligent 1/2 celestial wolf – “Rainen”) and I strapped to his back investigate. attempt to find passage, climbing route, also attempt to confirm that the path continues. Above a given altitude, winds become hurricane force. Detect Magic confirms the effect is magical – conjuration, abjuration. Flying is impossible.

We follow the floor of the chasm – it cuts the entire mountain range in two. (Possible route for road from nomen pains to the south). We then follow the ridges. We sight a pair of taller peaks in the target area, but every path leading towards the site veers away from it. The winds encircle the entire set of peaks. His Grace believes this place is built deliberately as a fortress – the main compound will be between the peaks. Rainor, from my description of the magics, suspects a Mythal. None of us is skilled at the more academic aspects of spellcasting, and so confirmation is impossible.

I might dispute Dave on this one. Knowledge (Arcana) is knowing about it, Spellcraft is being able to do it. Bard has no worries knowing about it.

Possible ascension path located. A chimney which appears to extend through the altitude at which the (presumed) Mythal conjures the worst of the winds. We climb across the face of the cliff to the chimney.

I didn’t take any climb for ZJ, relying on a ninja trick that gives him a climb speed. But having a climb speed doesn’t automatically mean you succeed in difficult checks, it just gives you a flat +8. Oops. It took a bit of fiddling, but ZJ was able to free climb without risk of failure to put the pitons and ropes in. Everyone else managed the check at the last part of the ascent, which was in the high-wind zone.

The ascension of the chimney was successful. The magical winds do not extend inland. We proceed. We are attacked by odd beasts – snow leopards with tentacles growing out of their shoulders and a Displacement effect. Lacking copyright lawyers, we fight them the old fashioned way.

There appears to be a watchtower visible in the distance.

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