But who will bell the cat?

“Actually, they [men] should be put on a leash, put in a cage, or put to sleep, just like they do to any animal which causes them any problem.” ~Daughter of the stars

“Actually, now that I think about it, a better source of animal glue (and leather, for that matter) would be from the bodies of men who have committed any crime against a woman. They should be put to death, skinned, and then their carcasses can be boiled for glue.” ~Bonobobabe

Some mice lived in a house where there was a fierce cat. Even in the dark night they could not stir from their holes without being pounced upon, and it was difficult for them to get anything to eat. One day they all met together to find a way of escape.
“I will tell you what to do,” said a young mouse. “It is quite easy. Tie a bell round the cat’s neck. As the cat walks the bell will ring, and we shall know where he is.”
At this speech the mice squeaked for joy, until an old mouse asked: “But who will bell the cat?” ~Aesop

Put to death by whom? Skinned by whom? Boiled down for glue by whom?

And even then – is there even one of them that actually knows how to make glue from a carcass, other than that “boiling” is involved?

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