Kingmaker – Cloudarc revealed

Wish I could draw. Oh well – Zack Jackson can.



(“cloudarc watchtower 1, figs 1-4”)

Watchtower proved uninhabited. Assume it was abandoned during the fey war. Archway/portcullis originally enchanted (fig 3) – I believe would fire lightning at anything flying over it. Only residual magic remaining.

Contents: some weapons, a Journal. Unable to read Journal without damage. Replaced in nook must remember to pick it up on the way back.

Doghouse-sized outbuilding with humanoid figure – possibly a construct. We decided to take it with us (I have no idea why). It seems to move back to its assigned location by making small teleports if left unattended.

Cloudarc gate.

Large building – main section and two wings forming a courtyard (C/A gate, figs 1-5) with outbuildings. Large elm (?) tree (fig 4). Tree and buildings overgrown with a vine (C/A gate, vine, figs 1,2). On later inspection, we concluded that the tree was original, and the vine a hostile probably associated with the fey army.

Tree inhabited with very odd creatures – invisible in sunlight. We attacked and drove them off. In retrospect, probably the wrong thing to do – they were repairing damage to the tree, which we had done believing that the tree was a result go the fey incursion.

Investigated right-hand wing. Fight.

Sorry guys, I forget what was inside

Kitchen. Library (?). Large number of documents – too many to catalogue.


Monk cells. Water fountains (C/A gate interior fig 2).

Large open space around the root of the elm tree. Pile of bodies – peasants, some warriors in armour. Attacked by undead (obviously) and myconids. Rainen confused. Dimension Door out, but Rainen remained. Rainor back down stairs to deal with hostiles (hate that word) at range.

(at about this time, became convinced that this was not cloudarc monastery itself)


Forget which direction was which. Sorry

Four large prayer wheels on the roof. (C/A gate, prayer wheel figs 1-11) at cardinal points of the compass. Reliefs of figures in various poses relating to the four seasons and/or elements. Used Grease to lubricate the W wheel (spring/air). On turning, it seemed to cause eddies in the clouds around the plateau (part of the mythal – large scale magic).

N wheel (summer/fire) unserviceable. His Grace repaired it (with the aid of an Enlarge) within a few hours.

S wheel (winter/earth) good with Grease spell.

E wheel (spring/water) badly overgrown and building damaged. Klael and I cleared it.

Rainor discovered that the wheels could be set in motion with his Ki, at which they would turn by themselves. We decided to experiment with them and then on deciding that we had done something cool, Rainor could then use his Ki to keep them turning.

We prepared to turn all four wheels (used Dancing Lights to coordinate our efforts.)

When all were turned clockwise, within minutes the plateau became surrounded by a wall of storm. A very impressive scale of magic. (probably visible from beyond the mountains – His Grace may need to quash some rumours: people can be superstitious and overreact)

When all were turned counter clockwise, within minutes storms began streaming towards the gatehouse itself.

When they were turned N and W clockwise, S and E counterclockwise, a strong wind blew through the centre of the building complex and parted the cloud behind the buildings, revealing a solid transparent bridge (quartz?). Clearly, this was the “arc” of cloudarc, linking the two peaks (Plateau topography – fig 1). The vine that had been overgrowing the gatehouse was also making its way along this bridge. (C/A bridge, south view)

We were all much cheered by this, and set out to cross it.

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