Awful Profiles by Women

Just reading Awful Profiles by Women. I think I just worked out why these women write such dreadful, dreadful profiles.

Doesn’t matter if she is smart:

“I suck at relationships. First and foremost. I’m a perfectionist, I’m demanding, and most of all-I’m picky. I’m an analytical chemist and just graduated in chemistry, neuroscience, and biology. Looks like law school after this, but right now? I don’t want to do jack shit. I’m small, but vicious. I don’t take any sass, but I’ll readily give it. I love my friends, but I would sacrifice them any day for my own personal entertainment. ”

or stupid:

I am an ELEGANT PRINCESS, passionate, romantic, classy, sassy, witty, free spirited and very spiritual woman who enjoys theater, opera, comedy, dancing, movies, eating out, coffee, family, friends, movies and the spiritual realm.

I am searching for a definite ALPHA MALE who is also a NON-DRINKER, NON-USER OF MIND ALTERNING SUBSTANCES, CLEAN & SOBER who is confident, aggressive, assertive, and masculine, yet is kind, loving and sensitive to me. A BUSINESS OWNER / PRESIDENT / CEO of an ackomplished Company and well-to-do Professional. Someone who when we go out automatically holds doors for me, who lights my cigerette, who helps me with my coat/sweater who stands on his own two feet, who has good values & morals, is honest, mature, funny and would protect me. I am interested in something long term and should I ever marry again, I want a wedding like the one in the “Guns N Roses” You Tube Video of “November Rain”. So, sweep me off my feet and make all my dreams come true and you will be well compensated with benefits. Prefer cut men. If you like cooking, that would be great. I hate cooking!! You must be CLEAN & SOBER, a non-user of alcohol and mind altering substances.

Over and over, the list of demands, the words that read “I am awesome” but scream “I suck as a human being”.


Why, why, why post something like this?

It’s because these people see love and dating as an adversarial negotiation. These profiles are an initial position: “I got this ass, this degree, and I want this in exchange”. And that alone, gentlemen, tells you a great deal. The focus all along is “What am I giving, what am I getting in exchange? Am I getting a good deal, or should I bail?” That’s what “love” is, to them: a business deal. Sure, one that involves emotions, but at the end of the day a deal.

What it’s not about is: “do I like this person?”. Or even love. The men in their lives aren’t people to them – they are a set of stats.

And that’s why they are single. That’s why they are on dating sites. They had marriages, children, houses, a life together with a man, but the whole time they were calculating, totting up sums, working out “am I happy enough?”. Bailing out is always, always an option. So much for “For better or worse, for richer or poorer”.

To them, it’s a cold-eyed, cold-hearted business. And that’s the underlying issue. To these women, getting a man is the equivalent, for a man, of getting a job. It’s their income, their security. It’s what they do for a living. So they are angling for the best conditions and salary they can get.

And that’s what’s going on here.

One Response to Awful Profiles by Women

  1. APB says:

    What every guys wants…professional students with lousy attitudes who are lazy and would throw their friends under the bus over the lack of a personal court jester. Nice.

    As for “Elegant Princess”, what nation do her folks rule over? I see no benefit to a chain-smoking louse who can’t even tend to womanly duties.

    If more guys would step up and realize that a chicks reproductive organ isn’t unique (there are billions of them out there) and is utterly useless until it’s knocking out their offspring (and only theirs), we might get somewhere…

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