GG4 – Prison, again

Haven’t been blogging. Out of practise. Meh.

It ‘as been some time since I last prayed, because I don’t see there’s much point to it. But there’s nuffink much else to do when yer locked up, so I fort I might renew acquaintance. I ‘ave many sins wot I would like ter apologise for. Some of ’em I am not so sure is sins, but I’ll apologise anyway ter be on the safe side.

I am sorry I came ‘ere ter Sharn. I could ‘ave gone sailing wiv dad, I could ‘ave just wandered around. But naaah – it ‘ad ter be the Big City. Everyone ‘as ter see the towers once in their life and it looks like I seen as much of them as I’m going ter. I been out of my depth ‘ere from day one. We managed ter piss of both the local boys and the entire fackin’ ‘ouse of assassins.

I am sorry I ‘Arvey Milled that bloke back at the ‘ouse. But fuck ‘im. We gave ’em the chance ter leave quiet, ‘an they were all “Well, we got to put up a fight, don’t we?”. Fackin’ stupid.

I am sorry that I got involved in a fight between ‘ouse Phiarlain ‘an ‘ouse Thuranni, ‘an I am most particularly ‘an specifically sorry that when someone said “‘Ouse Thuranni ‘ave got a back door, let’s break in and pinch sum stuff!”, I replied “That sounds like a top idea!” instead of “That sounds fackin’ stupid”.

There are sum more sins after this, but they are all sort of part of the main fing wot I ‘ave jus mentioned.

I am sorry that I didn’t just piss off when it turned out that everyone else’s idea of sneakin’ in quiet-like was ter go ter a pub two blocks away ‘an announce ter the publican that we was going ter break in the the local assassin’s clubouse.

I am not very sorry at all that I ‘elpd gak that assassin. He wos an assassin.

I am a little bit sorry I broke the lock on the door, as it wos a nice bit of work.

I am sorry I didn’t get suspicious when we walked ‘arf a mile froo a tunnel owned by Ouse Thuranni and didn’t once se a guard.

I am sorry I didn’t finally turn ‘an bolt when we ‘ad ter go past an entire fackin’ roomful of assassins ‘aving fuckin’ dinner ter get ter the library.

And since by that stage we wos all pretty much done for, I am sorry that I didn’t just go “Fuck this and fuck you” when Lorne told the geezer that the rest of us wos just zombies or some shit.

Sorry about the language, too, but the language don’t begin ter describe wot a bad idea this ‘ole fing was from start ter finish.

Traveller, if I get out of this alive I’ll bury a few gold dahn at the crossroads, or whatever yer supposed ter do when yer in the city. Maybe just fling ’em on the road? That’d be good fer a laugh. An I will avoid these an uvver similar sins in future.

Lorne did manage to talk our way out of there. But next time he wants Korgul to accompany him to take part in the Phiarlan/Thuranni war, well, I think he’ll have to offer some sort of inducement.

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