GG4 – The Sand King

31 July, 2012

From there, we explored a bit more. We found this spot wiv sum magic water (I fink it was magic, anyway. Very refreshing.) We found this spot wiv a big ravine and lava at the bottom. It wos all very educational.

Eventually, we got to this spot where we could ‘ere voices coming from behind the wall. Chimera opened it up, an we ‘ad a look inside. There was a bloke doing sum glassblowin’ and a few guards and shit. Long story short – it was ‘im. The Sand King. (Bit embarrassing, actually – we ‘ad ter asrt ‘im ter please identify ‘imself so we could stomp ‘im).

Well, it was a fight. Chimera and “C-Dog” (I don’t know why ‘e insists on bein called that) took down the archers, me and Bayedrin kept the guards busy, ‘an Ruz proceeded to fuck up the Sand King’s day all by ‘er dead little self. We were winnin pretty ‘andily. So I frightened off one of the guards, knocked out another, and walked over knocked out Mr Sand ‘imself just before Ruz poisoned ‘im ter death. One ‘it. Nicely judged. (Nice ‘ow these gloves is already come in ‘andy).

Anyway. We ties ’em up and wakes em up ‘an proceed wiv makin’ frets.

The negotiations went very well – Ruz is good wiv the persuasive. We got sum cash, sum weapons (Glass! ‘Ood o thought? Magic, ‘o course.) and Ruz wanted 10%. Well, at this I pulled ‘er aside – me coming from a certain background, an I says ter ‘er “Ruz, the way these fings is done, if we takes a percentage that means we is obliged ter defend our investment. On a ongoing basis, if yer get my drift. It’s a bit of a commitment.”

But Ruz wanted ter do it, and it’s not like Lorne owns us. Although ‘e does own the ‘ouse. Anyway – ‘ell probably be ‘apply wiv the deal anyway. So done, do worries. Nice chunk ‘o change and maybe a bit of excitement on a ongoing basis. Suits me.

So, everyone is friends now an no-one is unnecessarily dead. At the entrance (the proper one), they told us there wos mushrooms wot give off this gas wot gives yer hallucinations, so ‘old yer breaf. And just outside, we found the uvver ‘arf of the team and the free monks from Drask fully tripping on mushrooms.

Now, the monks from Drask were the blokes wot came around to our ‘ouse, gave us shit about sum dragon blood, ‘an then sent us ter kill the Sand King. So we hauled ’em out of the mushrooms, tied ’em, and gave ’em ter the guards at the door as a little present, explaining’ the situation. They seemed very ‘appy ter take delivery. Wouldn’t like ter be in them monk’s shoes. I’ll bet that when the Sand King is upset over summik, the person responsible ‘as a very nasty time involving ‘ot glass.

An ‘ome ter bed.

AWESOME AUGUST!!!!!!!!11!!!!

30 July, 2012

Awesome August.

  • No Booze
  • No Phenylaniline
  • Primal diet. No pre-prepard food. (off day on Friday)
  • Workout (ahh! Look at that body!)
  • Bed by 11:30
  • No iPad games after bed time. Read.

Optional – start patronising “Beyond Q”. Plough through a few classics.

AGW Entails Nationalization

29 July, 2012

re: Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math.

Every cubic meter of coal, every liter of oil or gas, every mole of hydrocarbon taken out of the ground will get burned and added to the atmosphere. All of it. Every skerrick.

This means that if climate change is to be halted, no matter how it is done, the end result, the penultimate effect of the cause-and-effect chain must be that fossil fuels are left in the ground. No matter how it is done, not matter by what framework or what means, the physical end result must be that digging up the coal becomes illegal or uneconomic.

This simple observation means that all green initiatives by the fossil fuel industry are sham. If AGW is checked at all, it will necessarily put them out of business.

The only way is to take these reserves out of profit-taking hands, by which I mean that they need (in the first instance) to be nationalized. The legal framework is simple, as a nation owns its mineral reserves and licenses out permission to mine them.

The next problem is getting the nation-states to stop mining the stuff. But nationalization is a key first step.

I am pessimistic. This next generation will watch the world burn.

Skull & Shackles – a life at sea is the life for me!

26 July, 2012

Jarrod – Havok, half-orc barbarian
Tim – Monk, half-orc fighter
Andrew – Vorbrk, tiefling rogue
Doug – Eliza, female human sorcerer
Paul – “Salty” Bob, human cleric of Besmara
Keegan, DM.

So I had a bit of a chat to the lad.

“Lad, what do you think be the good of complaining to Mr Plug about our stripes for being late? You think he be running a pretty court of law, taking evidence, making a fair judgement? You think he doesn’t know why we were late on deck? Of course he knows! Like as not, he put them up to it.
“Why? Well, well – for two reasons.
“First, it be good for discipline to give the new salts a taste of the lash early on, before they think of doing something more severe. They know who’s in charge, they’ll understand the penalty for giving sauce to the officers. Makes a man think twice, if he’s been whipped once.
“Second, this is a pirate ship, lad. There’ll be fighting, and Mr Plug needs to know if any of us be a coward. If you can’t take three strokes, you won’t be much use in a fight, and it’s into the drink with ye. Same for the girl, although she’ll like as not get the ladies’ cat.
“So lad, when he calls your name this afternoon, you step up and take your stripes like a man. Show ’em you’ve a little brass (although not too much, ye understand). Ye may scream a moment, but don’t sob or cry or beg.
“And most of all – if ye struggle, if ye fight – well, that be mutiny. Ye’ve been ordered to take three stripes, and take ’em ye will, if ye wants to live past sundown.
“I’ll clean our wounds after, but I won’t be asking Besmara to heal ’em. They’ll only whip us again, and deeper. We’ll all have stripes on our shirts for a day or two.
“Cheer up, matey. It could be worse.”

Well, the lad had a bit ‘o common sense and kept his hatch good and shut. And the rest of us. But seem he has a strictly limited supply of common sense, because that night he got into a drinking game. Damn near killed him. I spent the night making sure he and another five lads weren’t choking on their own vomit.

Our new players are learning the game. Doug is learning that a sorceress stays at the back. Andrew has learned that constitution damage is not your friend.

Each day and each night we get a single “ships action” – snooping, stealing, shopping, or diplomacising the NPCs. Keegan permitted me to do a night of “long term care” with the heal skill as my ship action for that night. 8 hours and a DC 15 means you get back 2 points of ability damage instead of 1. Salty Bob is not a big fellow, Str 10, but has good Dex and Con and Profession (Sailor) 7. I’m beginning to think of him as a middle aged, nut brown, small-but-wiry bloke who’s practical.

Maybe I’ll change his accent.

Time drags on at sea, usually, but we were not a week in when young simms comes bolting out of the hold. Rats. Big ones. Mr Plug sends us down.

Well, wasn’t a minute or two before we found them. Or they found us. Huge things they were, two foot high at the shoulder and vicious as a drunken halfling (always wear your protective, lad, when you are in a fight with a halfling). I get bitten, young Monk gets bitten badly. Bit of claret. But I fix him right up with the power of Besmara.

At the end, no serious harm done. We scour the hold for an hour or two and find some bits and bobs. Mr Plug is surprised we come out as soon as we do – perhaps we should have stayed down longer. The big lads decide to bring the barrel the rats were in up on deck for proof. That night, I call the power down to heal everyone.

A few more days, and the crew are mostly beginning to warm to us. Mr Plug brings out an unfortunate called Mr Owlbear – an idiot who they have tarred and feathered. He wants to see a fight, so Monk steps forward to oblige. But Mr Plug takes objection to my wishing Monk good luck – as if I would cheat a fair fight! And so Havok steps up instead. He gives Owlbear a bit of a beating and lays off when Owlbear surrenders. Mr Plug tries to welsh on the winnings as Owlbear was not knocked out. But most of the crew are with Havok, and he wins a very tidy purse. Monk finally breaks his silence, and blow me down if he doesn’t have the poshest, most hoity-toity accent you ever heard in your life.

We have successfully diplomacised pretty much everyone who can be made helpful. Tim was really finding that his backstory – Monk won’t speak common because he knows he has an upper class accent – was very much cramping his style. It would work out ok usually, but this particular campaign starts off with social skills being key.

The “wishing him luck” was indeed a spell – Guidance. Very minor. I think it’s something a chaotic character would do. 🙂

About a week in, a squall blew up. Twenty foot high, the waves were, and blowing a gale. All hands on deck. Took me a while to get into the rigging. Eliza didn’t manage it at all, and Plug lashed her for her trouble. Knocked her clean out. Lucky she wasn’t washed overboard, as she is a fine cook.

Right at the height of the squall it was man overboard – I forget who. Touch and go for a moment, lad, but we managed to get a line to her and drag her in, and kept everything fast.

Now hold on for a moment while I go for a slash lad. I’ll finish the story when I get back. I’m partial to the “White Rabbit” dark ale, if you’d be so kind.

GG4 – Portal

26 July, 2012

Wakin’ bright ‘an early. Sum sot of bull going on downstairs – one of us ‘as a debt wot ‘e is not keen to repay. Bit ‘o yellin’. Bit ‘o threatinin’. All in good fun, eh? I fink Lorne worked sumik out.

Anyway. We is going ter bet up “The Sand King”. Not sure why. ‘E runs the guilds, and we is in trouble wiv ‘im anyway for killin’ the nightmaster, so good enuff. We gets a bit ‘o ‘elp from the Daymaster, an I meets free-fingers, ‘o trained Rob. ‘Andy! Maybe I ca get a couple of pointers, eh?

Anyway. We ‘eads down inter the old city. There is sum skeletons wot we beats up. And a bit further on there is a fork. We ‘eads down. Real deep. Come ter this room wif these vings made of lava, and this moving statue. After we beats ’em up, the casters tell us that we are in a spot where there’s a bit of a ‘ole leading to the Primordial Chaos.

Bloody ‘ell, eh?

Anyway. The paaf goes up from ‘ere.


26 July, 2012

Well, Korgul’s dragonmark just turned out to be nothing. Just some lines from sleeping on corduroy. Or something. I’ll pick a different feat.

GG4 – Korgul makes an unwelcome discovery

23 July, 2012

Wot? That’s new – wot issit? Musta caught summik nasty. ‘Ang on – I’ll get a bit ‘o better light. Need a mirror – I’ll just tell my dagger to take the form of a flat bit ‘o shiny metal. ‘Andy that. Wonder if I can make it inter a lockpick.

There yer go! That’s better. Let’s have a bit of a …

Naaah! Naaah! No fuckin way! I’m gonna fucking murder dad! This is bullshit!