Korgul has big plans for Sharn

A roleplaying session tonight – discussing what we want to do in Sharn. My idea of making Korgul a dark lantern, working for the king etc isn’t going to happen. And in any case, my original idea for him was that he was a young criminal. He was to be a not very nice person.

This week, I took him to a dark place. I don’t know how this will play out. I’ll write this in the retrospective, as usual, but anything could actually happen.

(Lot of swearing on this blog. But, it’s how he talks. What can I do about it?)

The Tower Job? You want to hear about that? You want to know “why” and all that shit? Well orl right, I’ll tell yer, an not just because yer been drugging my water (wot, you fink I didn’t know?). I’ll tell yer because there isn’t much point if yer don’t tell someone.

There was a couple of reasons why.

First, we was at a bit of a loose end, you know? Here we was, set up all nice and comfy inna ‘ouse inna not too bad, not too good part ‘o Sharn. Lorne ‘ad more money than he knew wot to do with – putting gold-plated chamber pots in every room. What was we going ter do wiv ourselves? Extortion? Drug running? A bit of stand-over action? I started ter think big. Really stretching for the biggest fing I could fink of.

A problem with the campaign is that we have a PC with effectively unlimited amounts of cash. We need, somehow, to find motivation for our characters. If I were Korgul, I’d just lounge around the house for as long as possible.

Second, we had just been locked up by ‘ouse Thranni fer breaking inter their compound. I decided about then: fuck these people. Fuck ’em. Anyone wiv a dragonmark, they think they are better than anyone else. An’ ‘ouse Thuranni are assassins, so that goes double.

This is a character direction that I think works. Especially if Korgul develops a Mark of Finding later on, which is definitely an option 🙂 .

I was talking wiv Mandor an’ Mirakai about our situation. We started ter talk freely, if yer get my drift, about wot enterprises we might choose to involve ourselves wiv. And I just fort: I want to drop a tower. Don’t know where the idea came from. But suddenly it made sense. I wanted to drop one, and I wanted to drop it on House Thuranni.

We started ter just talk. ‘Ow would yer do it? I mean, they is ‘eld up wiv magic, mostly, so whatever it is would involve magic. I was thinking they might ‘ave an air elemental inumm, wot we could kill. Then I thort about the foundations – cos the towers is not floating, right? Now, Sharn has lot of levels, and then there’s the old city, then the Cogs, deep underground. Yer can’t get ter the old city from above – it’s all guarded and shit. But maybe there was a way up from The Cogs. We’d ave ter get a mage in there, or an engineer or something. Maybe someone from Cannith oos wife ‘ad been assassinated. Get ‘im ter ‘ave a good close look at wot is keeping ’em up.

We started ter wonder – ang on a ‘mo! Wot tower is the Thuranni one, anyway? Maybe we’d need ter set up an ambush ter find a house member ter talk. Best way might be ter arrange fer one of us ter be assasinated. I suggested Baeydrin, cos ‘eed been in and out the ouse all day making a racket wiv ‘is repairs. But only joking, like. Anyway – the place we went to to loot the library wos good enough.

It would ave been nice ter get the whole lot of the bastards tergether for the drop. But that wos never going ter happen – they is assasins. They’d be suspicious.

A big fing wos ok: we drop a tower on house Thuranni. ‘Ow are we going ter make money offit? I mean, there’s plenty wot wants them killed. I was finking insurance fraud, but it would look a bit suss, you know? Someone takes out a big policy, then the tower drops. Questions would be asked. We’d probably just ‘ave to get sponsors.

But ter tell the truth, it didn’t matter. I wosn’t interested in money at that stage, living wiv Lorne. I just wanted ter drop a fackin’ tower. Didn’t matter which one. Didn’t even care iffit wos empty.

But, it came back ter the question of how ter accomplish it. Only fing I could think of was: there wos something big enough to wipe out the whole kingdom of Cyre. If we could get ‘old of that, that would probably do the trick.

An’ thats all there wos to it, really. I wosnt doing it fer money, or fame. I wos partly doing it because those pricks locked me up. But mainly – fuck those people. All of ’em.

Brendan looked horrified by the idea. Which is very cool.

What Korgul is proposing here is not only an evil act (it will kill thousands of people), but the motives behind it make it chaotic evil. Evil people will rob your house because they want what’s in it. Chaotic evil people do it to make a point: the point being that society, law, fairness etc are all bullshit. A chaotic evil person is the one who makes the excuse “Well, if I hadn’t done it, someone else would have. Serves him right for leaving the door unlocked.” The goal, perversely, is to teach you a lesson. It’s actually a political stance, and that’s what motivates Korgul, who has decided that he “fackin’ ‘ates” the dragonmarked houses.

It’s very “The Joker”, very that arsonist in “Backdraft”.

And, of course, it provides settings for some great game, which is what its all about – up through the cogs to the old city, questing across the Mournland to find the ancient nuke. And then detonating it under a tower housing thousands of people out of sheer spite.

It’s also possible, looking back on what I have just written, that Korgul might not have come up with the notion by himself.

In any case. Sit me down at a table and ask “So Paul, what do you want to do in game?”, and – given the character I am playing – that’s what I come up with. 🙂 Azroth wouldn’t have done it, Orsik, definitely not. And Baharash? But Korgul, yep. He’s going to hell.


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