GG4 – Portal

Wakin’ bright ‘an early. Sum sot of bull going on downstairs – one of us ‘as a debt wot ‘e is not keen to repay. Bit ‘o yellin’. Bit ‘o threatinin’. All in good fun, eh? I fink Lorne worked sumik out.

Anyway. We is going ter bet up “The Sand King”. Not sure why. ‘E runs the guilds, and we is in trouble wiv ‘im anyway for killin’ the nightmaster, so good enuff. We gets a bit ‘o ‘elp from the Daymaster, an I meets free-fingers, ‘o trained Rob. ‘Andy! Maybe I ca get a couple of pointers, eh?

Anyway. We ‘eads down inter the old city. There is sum skeletons wot we beats up. And a bit further on there is a fork. We ‘eads down. Real deep. Come ter this room wif these vings made of lava, and this moving statue. After we beats ’em up, the casters tell us that we are in a spot where there’s a bit of a ‘ole leading to the Primordial Chaos.

Bloody ‘ell, eh?

Anyway. The paaf goes up from ‘ere.

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